I need your help loyal readers.

On a scale of 1-10, how hideous is this graduation announcement?

1 is ok, 10 is dear-god-what-were-you-thinking.

Please vote honestly I need your feedback.

I can’t decide if I love or hate it. Or both.

No feelings will be hurt, be honest.

Thank ye!




23 thoughts on “HELP ME PLEASE

  1. 10. you look nice in the photo but your editing choice (ability?) and poor font selection make it pretty bad. But if your not planning on sending it to an artist or graphic designer maybe they would be a little less critical and give it a 7-8 because they can’t understand why you colored yourself to look like the devil?

    My might also want to use a better quality photo.

    • Oh sorry I meant to respond to you earlier.
      Thanks for the feedback!
      This is what I was thinking.

      (P.S. I’m totally not offended and I didn’t think you were mean. You made me giggle.)

  2. Haha how funny–the colors are my favorite part. Maybe I like looking like the devil 🙂
    But seriously guys, thanks.
    I agree, I need a different photo.

  3. I think it looks too much like a flyer that people leave on your cars for some big party with hip hop artists. I think lots of light, a nice face shot, and crispy features would be more effective. If you are going to do a color filter, make it more in the purple/green side. Think: ipod hipster filter.

  4. It reminds me of Christmas, which is possibly not what you were going for. In the picture, your face is not as well lit as the rest of you, which leads to a bit of a strange dynamic visually, in a graduation announcement. Also- you have three parallel lines going, which don’t interact with each other. This makes it a challenge for the onlooker to resolve what information is important- whether they should be looking at picture or text or sideways text. I don’t have a problem with the font, though the spacing is not the most fabulous and gives is a bit of a choppy feel. The visible electrical outlet highlights the University, but doesn’t encourage unity of image.
    I don’t hate it, but I think you can do something way cooler. Good luck!

  5. I love this more than words can say.

    Please send it out.

    I would like 177 copies so I can make a border out of them for my bathroom wall. (Like old ladies do with floral wall paper stuff, except it would be you over and over and over looking like you are on some sexy club flier but really it is your heinous graduation announcement.)

    I find this so delightful. It made my whole day.


    That’s all I have to say about that.

    (Except maybe that I also like it that you look like a demonic watermelon. That should probably also be said.)

    • and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your reply.
      You get me.
      You shall get your copies.
      Probably not as many as you request, but at least a few.

  6. The picture quality looks extremely poor to me. The lighting is way off. Honestly, with that green background you look like you’re auditioning to be the meteorologist at a local news station. If you use a better picture I think it will look pretty good.

    • Oh do you think I could?
      I’ve always secretly loved the idea of being a meteorologist. But I think you have to go to school for that or something….
      Thanks, I will see what I can do about the photo.

  7. You look gorgeous, but poor lighting aside, you look just a wee bit….pissed off. Maybe a picture that is a little closer to your face, which is smiling? The saturation, like the comments above, is a little strenuous, makes my eyes bleed, hahaha.
    by the by, I DO want an invitation– no matter what it looks like!

    • Pissed off?
      Please honey, models only smile with their eyes. And only if Tyra really wants them too.
      I’m just weeding out the people who are scared off too easily.
      You will be getting one, do not worry 😉

  8. True, true, you should always smile with your eyes, but at graduation, you might want to smile with those amazing lips of yours too. I’m not saying you have to sacrifice your modeling skills entirely–when you go up to receive your diploma, it is the IDEAL time to really show off your own, personal model walk.

    And the picture didn’t scare me at all…please, let’s not be silly. 🙂

    One more thing, I’m reading a fascinating article for class right now, here is the link. The pass word for is ‘femme’. The article is called “THe Myth of Male Power”, its thirty pages and I know you’re super busy, but after some of the sentiments we shared this past weekend, it kind of coincides and I’m finding it really enlightening.

    • Thanks, I would love to read it. But not right now since I’m supposed to be writing a paper.

      (You just wish I’d use my lips…I mean…)

  9. I like your announcement, Emily. It is YOU. Very bold. Very dramatic. With my old eyes I could read every word clearly. I like it because it is out of the ordinary – like YOU!!! Sister Monika

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