Are we experiencing a solar flare or something?

I can’t figure out what, but something has been very, very, very wrong today.

I woke up at 6am, as I am apt to do on Tue/Thur and I had to force myself out of bed. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all even though I slept my normal amount.

My hair would not curl correctly today, and that never happens.

While getting into the car I set down my bowl of rice crispies gingerly while putting my backpack in the backseat. Then, while carefully picking the bowl back up with two hands, the spoon somehow flipped out of the bowl, doing a complete 360 degree flip into a dive, and plunged to the floorboard taking inches of rice crispies with it. I then had to use the ice scraper to brush the cereal out into the mud so that dad and I could leave.

During the commute Dad just happened to hear that 1-5 N, right at our Tumwater exit, was completely stopped due to an accident.

We took the long way round.

When almost there the gas light went on and we had to fuel up, which made me exactly two minutes late to class.

In history I literally could not keep my eyes open, they were drooping the whole period and I almost fell asleep mid-sentence 50+ times. One minute I was completely engaged in the lecture, learning about Stalin, and the next minute I was realizing that I had almost dozed off.

In Shakespeare I kept dropping things on the floor. I grabbed my purse and knocked my flute over. The dangling part of my earring randomly flew off the hook, without provocation, and had to be put back together. My old papers also flew out of my notebook and I had to gather them back up.

In convocation I played flute and was randomly playing notes in the wrong octave and over-blowing other notes that I had not messed up for weeks. It was bizarre. My double-tongueing, on the other hand, was much improved. In the middle of convocation I started to get really cranky and faint, and had to step out to eat a yogurt (conjuring up memories of high school while using the  foil lid for my utensil as I had somehow left the house without a spoon).

I was glacial, and very near death, when convocation ended five minutes after 1pm, and felt that I would not survive without a coffee. I got to the softball lot and lo and behold had a ticket in the van window because I had forgot my parking permit in the other car. I have forgotten my permit several times before and I have never had a problem, but of course today I was ticketed.

Then I had a rehearsal session with my accompanist which did not go particularly well, although I think he enjoyed my intermittent swearing.

The one triumph, I must admit (and this is HUGE) is that through all of this craziness and emotional strain I still had an amazing voice lesson. My singing used to be the first thing that went when I got all insane, but now the technique is finally holding! Thank goodness.Now I need to work on my tongue tension, and stop using my jaw for diction.

Then, after the Belltower meeting and stopping by the library, I looked in the mirror and discovered the most ghastly hairs that had popped up magically overnight (or I just haven’t been looking) under my eyebrows. They must be plucked as soon as I get home. Also, I seem to be going through an acne-licious phase in my life, for the past two months I have been consistently broken out. I never used to get more than one or two acne pimples in between my period, with a breakout the week of. For the past two months I’ve just been plain broken out. I am accepting of this part of my skin journey, but I’d like to know what caused it. I’ve been exercising, eating mostly well, sleeping well, de-stressing. I guess it is just the expected ’20s hormone fluctuations.

At the library I attempted to back out of my parking spot and was really freaked out when the steering wheel wouldn’t turn, and I could only roll backwards and not go forwards. After some panicky minutes I finally discovered that I hadn’t turned on the ignition. That would make a difference…

I am hoping that I can make it through work and the rest of the evening without anymore unpleasant/bizarre occurrences.


I hope your day went better than mine!

(Although I was rather amused the whole day at what a mess it was, even when bursting out angrily into expletives when my tongue and fingers refused to cooperate during my rehearsal session, I was still giggling inside. As one of my accompanists said today, “Well, at least you have the giacosimo–the humor–even if you don’t have the presto.)

Thanks buddy, always keeping things in perspective!




P.S. Don’t forget this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm is my operetta!

I am quite delightful in it as Prince Orlofsky.

P.P.S.  I think I’ve decided to wear my pink satin ballgown for my senior flute recital. It is ridiculously princessy, but this is my last big shebang at SMU and I can look like a prom princess if I want to. Right? Right!



7 thoughts on “Are we experiencing a solar flare or something?

  1. if you take a look into lindlahr’s Nature Cure, you’ll see that in any process of being healthy, the last stage is a massive skin malfunction where toxins leave abruptly via the skin. Sounds like you’re just having health crisis before healing to the next stage to me, if that helps the solar flare at all ❤

  2. Isn’t the softball lot a public lot anyway? I’m pretty sure you could fight that ticket. I’m sorry you had a gross day, but hopefully tomorrow and the next day and the next and the next… lol you get the point, will be better.

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