Announcements, Announcements, Anou-ouncements, Shh!

Ahem! Attention!

1)–This Sunday at 3pm is my flute recital.

I need someone to video tape it.

Oh yes, and you are all invited.

2)–I really, really, really want these shoes:

And foundation primer. I tried some at Target the other day, and under-eye primer, and they are brilliant and I want them.

3)–Everyman opens next weekend. I’ve now got a few more lines to add to my six as Beauty because I’ve also been given the part of Cousin, and I get a third costume change because I now also play EveryHomie. It’ll be fun to tromp around outside, and God is pretty funny. Come see it!


Yesterday I got an unintentional day off from school.

For those of you who remember that one post from that one time when my dad had to pay the locksmith to open the truck door because we only have one key and it got locked inside (yes I’m far too lazy to link back, you’ll have to go find it), only having one key cursed me again yesterday. Or blessed?

I was running late in the morning so rather than carpool with my mother, she went ahead and I was going to take the truck. I finished getting ready, ate some breakfast, and was about to head outside. I pulled out my lanyard, and was surprised to not find the truck key attached. Through phone calls and voice mails I discovered that my father had taken the key over the weekend and not informed me, and then accidentally took it to work with him. I was ready to go to school, I looked adorable, I had a car with gas in it, I had no key.

So I emailed my profs to tell them I wouldn’t be in, and then sat down to work on my Shakespeare paper. I worked on my paper all day, I’m still nowhere near done, but I’m six pages closer to where I would have been had I not had the day off today. Just in time for my peer edit today.

Yesterday I also had the worst lower back pain and not even liberal dousings on the hour of motherwort could put out the pain and the moodiness, which has carried over to today. I also left my motherwort at home today and I find this quite depressing.

I also made chocolate chip cookies yesterday which I took with me to rehearsal. My parents made it home just in time for me to drive in to Lacey with the key and go to Everyman rehearsal, at which I was fit with all of my costumes and given a new part just for me to memorize after lab today.


I won’t apologize for the rare and sporadic posts or confusing grammar. At this point, you’re lucky with what you get.

And I’m lucky for having you.

Happy Thursday,



P.S. I get to make soap today in Chemistry. I’m pretty excited. It’s too chemically to use. But it’s soap.

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