“You can get through anything if you have music”

Greetings Readers Who May Have Felt Abandoned Lately:

With only three days of actual classes and seventeen days left until graduation, you can understand why I’ve been rather ghosty when it comes to my blog.

Have patience, I promise I’m here, I’m simply out living life (which is kind of like walking uphill in a sleetstorm with the wind trying to push me down right now).

Some updates:

1–Die Fledermaus: The operetta went rather well (much better than it deserved to in my opinion) and I must admit that I make a very sexy Prince Orlofsky. I mean…that beard.

Sidenote: Sometimes Y and I play these games.

Like Pageant Mom. It’s simple–I pretend to be her pageant mom and I follow her around and yell things at her like,   “Do you want the crown?! You’ll never get the crown if you keep acting like this! You’ll never be anything without the crown!”

Then we have Russian-French-German Therapist….In which I pretend to be a Russian-French-German Therapist and I counsel Y on anything from the most frivolous to serious of subjects.

Finally (and this is how I’m relating this sidenote back to the general topic of Die Fledermaus) I most recently came up with Orlofsky the sexy bi-curious hair dresser. He is genius. He does people’s hair and says things like, “Ohhh jyess, such seexy hhhhair, jyou just vorrrrrrrrk it! JYou must be nice to ze hhhair because if jyou arrrrrrre not, zen ze hyair vill KILL jyou!”

I’m thinking I may need to start making YouTube videos.

Orlofsky and Sally. I didn’t really get any good photos.

2) My Senior Flute recital happened. It was somewhat disappointing. Only one student came. I’m grateful to the people who did come (Family, some sisters, some faculty) and I know people had to work, but I was legitimately disappointed that not many people came. Also–it was a full moon and I was  in the depths of despair all day (that stuff makes me insane.)

3) Everyman opens tonight.

I was just Beauty, but now I’ve been upgraded to Everyhomie, Cousin, and Beauty.

Come see it, starts 6:45 at the Hellmouth by the Library.

$5 (unless you have a SMU id and then come see me for a free ticket.)

4) The HOPE concert is next Tuesday, the 26th, at 7:30 pm. I am going to sing True Love’s Kiss from Enchanted, and if I have my way I will be wearing a ballgown and tiara. It will be quite fun.


This morning was my second to last Music History Lecture, and I’m actually quite heart-broken about it. It’s become my favorite class.

Here are some fun things from classes lately:

“To Hell With All Your Mercy” from Britten’s Peter Grimes

A computer program called session strings.

John Cage performing Water Walk on television.

I have received permission to write my final paper on Herman’s Hermits, and I am rather delighted. I was going to do Philip Glass, but then we got into Rock and Roll and the British Invasion, and as Henry VIII is pretty much my favorite song I immediately knew that my paper needed to be about Herman’s Hermits.

Next Tuesday at 2pm my play is getting another play reading at Scholars Day. If anyone wants to hear it you are all invited.

All I’ve got left is my Shakespeare term paper to finish refining for Thursday,  a CHEM midterm #3 today, a Music History paper, a Listening Journal, a European History Final, A CHEM final, and a lab final, A Shakespeare speech to memorize, a Show, a Concert, a Music History Final, a Shakespeare Passage ID final, and then I’m good to graduate.

It’s all going to be ok…. 🙂

Today in class we also watched a video about how music effects brain chemicals, therefore effecting moods and other systems. One handy fact we learned (from some high schooler’s youtube video) was that listening to Classical music for a 1/2 hour has the same effect as taking a valium.

I promptly turned to Y and said, “No wonder we’re all so crazy–we’re all doped up!”

Writing to you from the final stretch,


(an exhausted and lacking in motivation)


P.S. My Elle horoscope today is as follows:

“The lone wolf trip is over, Scorpio. The Sun grooves into your partnership sector for the next month making deux your magic number. Intellectually, you love the idea of having a full-time Other Half. In reality, however, you may recoil at the thought of having someone THAT close to your creamy center, especially if that means sharing personal space and possibly even finances. Start letting down the fortress brick by brick. The risks you take to open your heart will bring you rewards, especially since lucky Jupiter is entering this same part of your chart for an entire year on June 4.”

I better watch out…fortress tearing down sounds like hard work.

2 thoughts on ““You can get through anything if you have music”

  1. 1) Had I been closer, you know I would have sat right on front of your music stand at your recital.
    2) I would also have been at Everyman. or IN Everyman. I think I did alright being Goods in David’s class.
    3) I am going to give you your graduation present when you come down here rather than mailing it. So hurry up and get down here! (Speaking of, can you call me when you get a chance?)
    4) I wish I had been in the opera with you– your facial hair is damn sexy.

  2. Oh IE, how I love you and all of your alter egos that magically manifest at the most opportune moments to counsel and delight me.

    I also loved class today…so sad that this was our last real lecture before the review. I thought your commentary was most illuminating, that does really explain why music students are so cracked out, and why SMUsic is the land of misfit toys.

    Full moons are a totally legit reason to go batty. Most people do and probably just aren’t aware. You are just so in touch.

    Also, I enjoyed our time together today. I am sorry if you have been feeling neglected due to the recent development in my own love life as influenced by the movements of the stars and planets and signs, especially Mars and Pisces. I suppose this is just preparation for post grad life in which we will probably send each other many grown up emails and have to arrange time to see each other rather than being thrown together by force each day for all of our classes. I am happy we were thrown together in such a way, but soon, a new chapter will open. Not before we down some more almond bubbly and watch some HP at Shelle’s though. Thank goodness.

    Wow, I kind of just wrote you a letter.



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