Ramblings and a Review


I am writing to you from an apartment in Lacey, at which I have been cat-sitting for the past week.

It’s been rather nice to be 15 minutes from school.

It’s also been nice for one other reason–the owners  of said apartment also own seasons 1 and 2 of Castle, a show I’ve been meaning to watch. Needless to say, watching through meals and homework, and I am now onto Season 3 on the internets. I really love this show–it is well-written, funny, touching, and each character is both multi-faceted and believable.

Every episode I watch also makes me think, “I really really really want to write for a living.”

I’m not certain in what capacity.


After the Everyman performance last night I went to go see Soul Surfer with my mother.

I suppose that the word “Soul” ought to have tipped me off, but all that I knew was that the movie was about that surfer who got her arm chomped off by a shark and who had a perfume at Claires. I did not realize that Soul Surfer, the story of Bethany Hamilton, was going to be a faith film.

I quickly realized my error when after the opening scene of the film the protagonist ran out of the water, pulled on a dress, and ran up to a church service on the beach–music being sung by none other than Carrie Underwood. I hadn’t seen the trailer, but even if I had it would have left me unprepared for the next couple hours of faith and emphasis on missions and service.

The craziest part? After the initial discomfort, I mean I’ve seen scores of “Christian” films and they are usually atrocities, I didn’t even notice. The only time the film felt at all preachy was when Bethany’s Youth Pastor/Bible study leader? played by Carrie Underwood came into the picture at the beginning. As the film progressed, Underwood’s character did too, and the preaching was held back to a minimum. The next thing that I did not expect was the long list of Hollywood stars who kept popping up in the film.

Taking all of the above into account, the film was surprisingly well done. The painting of the Hamilton family, the island life, the tasteful handling of the shark attack and the chaos following (none of that tasteless Jaws dun dunning), and watching Bethany’s recovery intermixed with a few token Hawaiians and island music never once felt like a Disney Channel Original Movie. Poignant where purposeful, excellent acting, and lush surroundings made for a film both emotionally and visually stunning. If you’re a weeper like me, invest in waterproof mascara and a box of tissues. I will admit that the ‘bright white light” sequence was borderline for me.

The only two large drawbacks to the movie were Miss Underwood’s performance (cloyingly sweet) and the credits. Film was shown of the actual Hamilton family (very little resemblance to the glamorized Hollywood A-listers making a statement by their participation in the film), and it made me wonder if American audiences would be moved enough to make Soul Surfer number three in the country if the same story was told by less beautiful actors.


The buzzword that is on everyone’s minds right now is Graduation. Only a few weeks away (with only two days of actual classes left for me), I’m starting to realize that it will be here before I know it. I’m not going to think about it (much) until I’m through with preparing for exams. I’ve just finished writing my final undergrad paper, and I have one more week of Everyman plus Honors Convocation/Scholars Day and the Hope Concert left before May 7th. That’s enough to fill anyone’s plate.

I will leave you now to go do…I don’t know what….before heading to Everyman call.  I think I’m stuck in a state of future-thinking. I should work on that. Or go watch some more Castle…



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