First winner of Michael J. Contris Award/Last Day of Classes

Celebrate with me readers!

Today I have completed my last day of undergraduate classes.

I’ve taken notes on post WWII Europe, given a cackling portrayal of witches 3,5,A from Macbeth in Shakespeare, had a coffee date with a friend, done an hour of cardio, taken a Chemistry lab final, and now I’ve got a little under two hours to kill until call for Everyman.

I’m delighted. I’m rapturous.

Mostly, though, I’m hungry. I didn’t pack enough food and I think I need to go fetch some more before the show.

I’m actually amazed at how not-bubbly I am, I think it must be because I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to anticipate.

And boy do I love to non-yogicly anticipate. It’s my favorite pastime.

Tomorrow I DON’T have any juries, but I do get to pick up my cap and gown, and I will be bringing in my tribal stole for approval.

Sunday is Senior Mass, I think I’ll go for old time’s sake.

Finals for next week are as follows:

Monday–Music History, 10am

Tuesday–Shakespeare, 8am

Wednesday–Choir, 11am (free pizza!) Chemistry, 1pm

Thursday–European History, 8am

Friday is Baccalaureate, and then Saturday is Commencement at 2pm followed by a party at my place at 6pm. If you didn’t get a physical copy of my announcement, sorry. Feel free to come to my party. Unless I’ve never met you and you are simply blog-creeping. In that case, come to my party with a present. And references.

It’s all so soon!


Every year St. Martin’s University throws Honor’s Convocation/Scholar’s Day at the end of the year. Honor’s Convocation is a ceremony in which all colleges (except Engineering) give out awards, and where student athletes are recognized. I’ve gone every year as the choir is always asked to sing, but I usually don’t hang around for the ceremony. Scholar’s Day is held the same afternoon, and scholars who have submitted their scholarly work to a panel–and been approved–give presentations of their work. I, along with some lovely actors, gave a play reading of my original play, “Closing Time.”

I knew I would be receiving a certificate in the morning recognizing my scholarly status, but the evening before I also had a mysterious telephone conversation with an important person making sure that I would be attending the ceremony. I was informed that I was in the running for an award so my name would be read. I showed up. I was surprised to discover that I was the recipient of the Michael J. Contris Humanities award. Contris was one of the most well known English professors at SMU (his desk now resides in the French professor’s office) and this award is brand new this year. It is given for excellence in the Humanities, writing and journalism.

I feel so blessed. Also delighted–I was already inducted into the Society of Fellows, I didn’t think I would get another SMU award. It also came at a perfect time. I may have recieved the award more for my Humanities-ness, but the night before I received it I had written in my journal “Screw the critics–including me–I’m going to write.”


That evening was also the HOPE concert. I sang a song from Enchanted. I was pretty adorable.

Thanks Chani, your photos were way better than mine!

Yes, that is my Junior Prom dress, and an old Forest Festival tiara.


My time at SMU has been extremely important. I probably didn’t come to St. Martin’s for the best reasons, but staying at St. Martin’s was the best decision for me. I’ve learned and grown so much in theatre, music, writing, and personally over the last four years that I barely recognize Freshman Emilie. Getting into that trash can was probably the best thing that could have possibly happened to me.

I’ve been on a wild ride emotionally and physically, and fortunately I am ending on a very happy and balanced note.

Y once told me that my energy was like a pop-bottle-cyclone–crazy but contained. I completely agree, and I think that learning to recognize and work with my crazy has been the most important lesson my time at SMU could have afforded me.

I’m grateful to everyone I’ve crossed paths with. Sincerely grateful.

Bless you and thank you, and I hope you all stay with me in my post-undergrad life.

I realize this post might be a bit soon as I’ll probably blog during finals, but I thought that the last day of undergrad classes ought to be commemorated.


a famished, exhausted, and blissed-out


2 thoughts on “First winner of Michael J. Contris Award/Last Day of Classes

  1. Getting into that trash can may have been good for you, but rooming with me was probably pretty traumatic. I enjoyed it, if that counts for anything.

  2. I am so happy for you and your accomplishments! I can’t believe how much you have crammed into your 4 years at SMU, it is pretty incredible.

    I am so excited for your tribal stole. 🙂

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