Sometimes, no title can completely encapsulate life…

Hail, Friends!

Favorite words of the day:




Darling friends, are you aware that I graduate from college in only four days?

Well I am somewhat aware.

I am aware of the number because I have a tracking app on my ipod touch.

I am aware because when I looked in my planner it said “GRADUATION” on Saturday’s little box.

But I’m not giddy excited aware.

I’m a tad more focused on my remaining finals, and on my fabulous party/get-together/shindig tonight. Well, it’s only mine in the sense that I am taking part, it is a collectively owned party. I think.


I had my Shakespeare Passage ID exam this morning. I think I did fairly well, and I’m rather glad that it is over. I did get a maroon tootsie pop out of it, those are my favorite although I cannot for the life of me distinguish between that one and the bright red one.

I took my Music History exam on Monday and thought it was pretty easy.

I am all caught up on Castle and I watched the new episode last night. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love that show.

I still have a Chemistry exam tomorrow afternoon, a Choir pizza party tomorrow day, and a European History final exam on Thursday morning.


My exam was at 8:00 am, I finished around 9:25 and I didn’t have work until 4:30.

I brought my gym clothes, but I never quite made it there.

Would you like to know what happened to all of the time in between? So would I.

Let’s see…

I printed out my study guide for Chem and checked my emails. I texted a few people. I bought breakfast. I checked my emails. I tried to take a nap in my truck but I could feel people staring at me and the sun was beating down on my face so I studied Chem in the car for a while. Then I checked my emails and surfed the web and chatted with a friend. Then I got lunch and coffee and supplies for the party tonight (more on that later) and tried in vain to locate a Redbox. Then I went back to school, found a fork for my salad-in-a-bag-lunch, ran into my lab partner, and we studied Chemistry for about an hour. He went up to get help from our delightful professor, I stayed behind studying and listening to Grapes of Rad (not for the faint of heart) podcast on my ipod. This caused me to giggle incessantly in the middle of the Harned Hall cafe. I can only hope that those studying around me were so intrigued by my giggling that they will come up to me later and ask me what was so funny and I can tell them.

Then I sat in the car a little before heading to work and chatting with the nuns and checking my emails.

All in all a lovely, if not physically fit day. Speaking of–I’ve been eating rather poorly lately. (By rather poorly I do not mean before poorly which was daily, I mean poorly for adjusted lifestyle me.) And loving it. I figured I could only stress myself out so much at once and decided to focus on school, leaving diet for after graduation. I am happy with this choice even though I have been feeling a might pudgy lately. My clothes wouldn’t show it…my pants are all giantacular on me.

I will renew my healthy me efforts with a vengeance after my visit to San Diego, and I will start taking yoga again.


As to this party tonight…

Are you aware that today is National Broken Hearts Day in India? If you follow my twitter or Facebook you are.

Well in honor of this most delightful holiday (I mean, who doesn’t love a good curl up in a ball float in a puddle of my own tears while convulsing with wracking sobs thinking that nothing can ever be beautiful again day?) Y and R/R and I are getting together after work to celebrate.

I don’t want to give you too many details as I will be writing a post after the party to tell you all how it went, but suffice it to say there will be crying and movies and sugary goodies and smashings and flames.

We are hoping to make this an annual party, with activities that will become strong traditions once we brainstorm them.


Please, if you haven’t already, get out there and soak up some sunshine before it is all gone.

Have a memorable and wonderfully-broken-hearted evening on me,



P.S. my parents are raising chickens now. Chickens are loud and smelly and not very bright. They do nothing but eat sleep drink and poo.

Right now they are also somewhat adorable.

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