Darling Readers,

I must admit, for someone who wants to write, I don’t spend nearly enough of my day writing.

I’ve had one and a half days of free time, and I’ve only spent about three hours total writing. That’s about an hour and a half a day. Yesterday it was journaling and writing the “Why Sincerely” tab. Today it was editing my resume, journaling, and now updating my blog.

I’ve done no work on my plays, I’ve started nothing new.

I have done a lot of cleaning and organizing, and watched a lot of internet television, and some exercising.

I love having free time in my day that I am allowed to fill however I would like, but I think that without at least a little structure I am apt to turn into a sloth.

Which is why I am now determined to include OFFICIAL daily writing practice and bring back OFFICIAL exercise time.

G-Force gave me an absolutely fabulous faux fur coat for graduation, along with an hour-glass.

You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted an hour glass. Indeed I don’t think he knew of the secret longing either.

Hour glasses and globes are two of my favorite bookish house-hold items, and I am blissful to now own one of the two.

My new plan is to use the hour-glass for my writing  practice.

Whether I am feeling inspired or not, I pledge to at least put in one turn of the glass (one hour) a day to writing practice–excluding blogging, journaling, editing, or office-y work. I want one genuine hour of new material each day. I will most likely put in more time on most days, but at least this way I have a physical way of enforcing writing practice, AND I get to make use out of my lovely graduation gift.


I have also been researching festivals and contests, and I am going to begin a submitting barrage–sending my plays out into the universe with prayers and positive thoughts.

I am also going to be using the time before I get a full-time job somewhere to build up my material, and refine many of my old pieces. This includes plays, short stories, and creative non-fiction.


In December of 2006 my sister gave me a journal. I have been writing in that journal ever since, and I filled up the last page on graduation. (Yes, I may have seen that I was close and then gaged the last ten or so pages in order to end so poetically on the closing chapter of my SMU life, but it was the universe that declared I should be able to do so!) I got a Borders gift card from a lady for graduation, so I shopped around and purchased a beautiful new journal which should be here any day now.

I think I might need a few more journals though.

A small one to carry in my purse for the jotting down of sketches, notes, and ideas.

A dream journal.

Also, a health journal.

And no, I absolutely cannot use the same journal for all of these purposes.

I think that since these are less formal, I may buy inexpensive notebooks and collage the fronts.

I do love to write on nice-feeling paper though. This is a dilemma.


In order to make my writing time more efficient, I need to invest in a better chair that I can sit in for long periods of time without becoming sore all over.

I currently have only a painted wooden chair with falling apart legs and a design that is most definitely not ergonomically friendly. I am searching for a comfortable, supportive chair. It does not have to be new or even pretty.

I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on this chair, if that is possible.

Does anyone have something they think might work and that they are wanting to get rid of? If so, let me know. I would really appreciate it. In the mean time I will shop around to get some ideas. If I do end up having to buy one, I will get exactly what I want/need.


My earbuds broke. I have to buy new ones.


I leave for San Diego with my mother on Sunday for a weekish in the sun.

I will get to see my old roomie and her family, and zoo animals.

I am also determined to see a lot of the beach and hotel pool.

Other old friends as well.

I will update during the week, but I do not know how often.


I will leave you now with these words of wisdom:

”                                                                                              ”

(it’s fill in the blank, so that the quote is applicable to your day. See, it’s personalized!)


a very wise


(p.s. I know I kept going back and forth between hour-glass and hour glass. I really like dashes, but I am positive the dash is not necessary. So I switched back and forth, one way to appease readers and one way to appease myself.)

p.p.s. *giggle*

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