Things I say I’m going to do or not do.

You all probably thought that there would be another vacation update.

After all, my last post was labeled as “Part One”.

Well, too bad.

Because you’re not getting one.

Vacation was so last week.


I started work on Monday, for the summer I am working 30 hours a week in Admissions and 8.25 hours a week at the Priory. In Admissions, my main purpose is to be available to give two tours a day at 10 and 2, and for the time in between I simply help out the other Admissions staff. This could mean anything from answering the phone, to running errands, to inputting data, to spending four hours fixing addresses. That’s what I did today.

I’m on a new kick–Project Save Beaucoup Bucks. As you all know, I want to be in NY.

I want to work at a publishing company in NY, doing anything they will hire me for, working on my playwriting when not at work.

Before I move, I have to have money saved up.

Hence two jobs and taking on a Sunday shift.

I think I can have $5000 saved by the end of the summer.


I’m getting back on my health kick. Toward the end of my final semester I threw health-vigilance out the window so I could maintain mental stability amidst my final finals. Now I’ve graduated, vacationed, and returned to the world of the employed with absolutely no deadlines or outside responsibilities in the near future. It is time to get serious, even more strict than I was before.

I am going back to:

No Soda

Very little bread

Many less sweets


Daily exercise

For the past month or so I’ve been experimenting with coffee drinks, buying somewhat sweeter and different drinks to see if I was really happy with my choice of beverage. Dear readers–I am. Back to the caramel americano I go, happy for my deviance because it showed me how inferior sweeter drinks are. I am also going to commit to making them at home, where I can control ingredients, unless I have a scheduled coffee date, and save money.

I use sugar-free caramel, and on the days when I want “cream” instead of just water I use the skim milk in the fridge. (Isn’t that horrifying? I’ve always despised anything other than 2% milk, but since I am allowing coffee I want the least bad stuff possible.)

Please don’t freak out as some people have, but I am pretty certain I want to lose another 30 pounds  and then be done. I believe that with my height and bone structure this will be the optimum weight/size for me, as I am currently not satisfied with my body. Don’t get me wrong–I love my body, but I am not done sculpting it. Of course, as always, I will reevaluate every ten pounds.


Dear readers:

I am known for at times having a messy room, mostly due to the fact that when in school I am only in my room long enough to take things out and then dump them as I hurry off to something else.

Well, no more, my friends, no more.

In her housekeeping handbook, Martha advises me to take 15 minutes every evening before going to bed to go around my space and tidy up so I don’t have a giant mess to clean up at the end of the week. I am finally taking this advice to heart.

I do love to clean–as evidenced by last night. I had done some tidying on Sunday, but last night I really got into the cleaning and organizing. I scrubbed every inch of my bathroom until it gleamed and I was possibly a little high from cleaning fumes. I pulled every single thing out of the cabinet and organized it. I washed the shower curtain, performing contortionist feats while balancing on the tub, bending around the door, and finding cleaning supplies.

Then, still on a scourging kick, I whirlwinded into my room where I pulled papers and magazines and spirals and school supplies and beauty supplies and electronics and tea cups and envelopes out of piles and drawers and crannies. I then spent hours tossing out old stuff and organizing kept stuff, and vacuuming and dusting to my heart’s content. Finally, at ten, I crashed into my bed exhausted and delighted. I really do love to clean.

The point being–I would really have more time for things like writing if I just prevented this from happening quite as often by tidying–not shoving–every day.

To summarize (and add in resolutions/goals I may not have mentioned):

1–I am working every hour that I can and saving money for NY

2–I am going strictly on “A Healthy Me: Part No Joking Matter”

3–I am going to tidy up every day

4–I am also not cutting my hair. I’ve removed the scissors from the bathroom. I want my hair to be as long as it was when I started college, if not longer.

Sorry if none of that was particularly interesting, I’ve got just one more tidbit before I drift off to some other dark hole of the internet:

Bought this book recently:

I highly recommend it.



P.S. picked up my diploma yesterday. It was somewhat unexciting.

5 thoughts on “Things I say I’m going to do or not do.

  1. 1. I’m glad you’re not cutting your hair. I’m mad that I dyed mine, I’ll probably never dye it black again.
    2. This post has inspired me to take better control over similar areas of my own life- tidyness, working more, etc.
    3. But I’m still not sold on the Diva Cup.

  2. That’s fine, I’m not a used-car salesmen. I just want to genuinely present another option that most women have never considered, an option that has ended up being infinitely superior for me. If this is not the right investment for you, that is totally fine. If you are on the fence, however, and have even the slightest interest I would suggest searching blogs and watching testimonials and even tutorials. This might help you be more at rest with the idea. 🙂

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