Vegetables, Sequins, and Magic: Healthy Living

Growing up, the Schnabel household had three willful children, two hard-working but overwhelmed parents, and more activities between the five Schnabels than most would like to count. In consequence I formed some very poor eating habits.

Vegetables became a foreign affair, Happy Meals an easy fix (plus they had toys!), and goodies/sweets were all too available and unlimited. I had very poor self-esteem, often reinforced by sincere but misguided parenting attempts at diet modification, not to mention the bratty school-children who took delight in taunting me regularly.

You all know that I have, for a year and a half now, completely changed my lifestyle. I not only eat vegetables now–I cannot get enough of them. I workout regularly (*daily now), my portions are much smaller, and I have learned what I should be eating.

This was a difficult (and still ongoing) journey for me, but I share my story with the world because I want others to know that it is possible to change. Also, perhaps to bring awareness before such bad habits form.

So when my twitter feed tossed up THIS article about mothers and fathers changing bad habits (after realizing their children were overweight) I wanted to link it. My journey is a personal one, and change was only made after I deemed it necessary. I cannot even begin to fathom having to force this change upon resisting children. I respect these changing families very much.

I hope with all of the media coverage on healthy bodies over the past few years, that young parents will instill these values in their children from the time of birth–most effectively through leading by example. As the article states, you really don’t lose time by eating at home, and you definitely don’t lose money (depending on where you purchase your groceries.)

I also agree, that once my diet became healthy, eating poorly was no longer as attractive. Yes, I still have (and occasionally indulge) the hormonal jonesing for french fries every couple of months, but that is it. Junk food, when compared with a leafy green, and purple, and orange, and brown, diet–tastes like junk.

*Week one of The Martha Stewart WholeLiving exercise plan was absolutely, perfectly, divine. I get off work at 3pm, and at that hour the Rec Center is mostly deserted. More importantly, the weekly classes held (such as high impact yoga, or karate) don’t begin until evening. This means that I get the beautiful Dance Studio all to myself. I go in, set my ipod in the provided docking station/stereo system, and do a combination of Martha and hatha yoga. Each day I do a whole hatha routine, integrated with the Martha exercises. I begin normally, and then before inversions I do the entire Martha set, before finishing off my hatha routine. On paper the Martha set looks easy, but it certainly works you. I upped quite a few of the reps on the first few days because I had been doing more during weight lifting but the exercises are solid. I was even sore from the first few days (the good kind)!

Day four of the Martha set, Back day, has a miracle worker. It is called the crab. You grab your feet while on your back and roll gently forward and backward on your spine. My back has not felt so relaxed since the last Dougle massage!

The main point I am trying to make is that this exercise set is a hit, and I am going to continue with it. Thank you Martha Stewart, for again making our lives simpler, easier, and healthier.


Not to brag, or anything, but…

Followed by:

As “J-riffsmorethanHud” (I just made that up. Like it?) said, “Shoshana Bean corrected you! Pure WIN!”

I would have to agree.

Pure win.


Finally, I would like to recommend the savior of my sanity (currently):

Cover Letter Magic

For months I have been asking for help with resume/cover letter writing from tons of people. (Thanks to those of you who took the time to help as you could, and for answering my pestering questions.)

What I got most frequently, especially from people who are supposed to help others prepare for job searching for a living, were templates. NOT helpful. Any moderately intelligent person can google “resume templates” “example resumes” “what makes a good cover letter” and the list goes on. I had obviously already done all of these things, and had been left unsatisfied. I don’t turn to help on something I can learn myself, it is only after exhausting other avenues I ask for professional advice. (Unless if it is a work thing where solving quickly is more important than self-solving.) So when the only help I received from official outlets were more templates, I was understandably upset.

It is not enough for me to see what something should look like–I need to know why! I was searching for a source that would lay out every single part of a cover letter, tell me what it is, what it is for, why I need it, and what is appropriate. Then Y referred me to the above book which she had checked out at the library. This book is exactly what I had been craving, and more, and will benefit me my entire working life. I read the entire thing and have already written a cover letter about one hundred times better than what I had been generating previously from looking at templates and examples. 

I can now submit my application materials much more confidently, knowing exactly why something works and something doesn’t. Obviously I cannot become a pro overnight, and my cover letters will continue to improve with practice, but my mind is much more at ease. I highly recommend purchasing this book.

There is a companion book, Resume Magic, which you can also purchase. I did not, but it would probably also be the perfect tool for those of you who are uncertain where to begin.

(click either of the images to purchase the book on


I am seriously considering starting a beauty/kitchen/diy tutorial channel on youtube. I know there are tons out there already but I just feel like I have some things to offer.

Beginning with: Learning from Drag Queens, How To Dress for a Full Figure.




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