How IE self-concussed and what she likes to buy

Words of the day:





To start off, some things I really like:

1) zoe&zach “fresh green fashion” lip shimmer.

This makeup brand is sold exclusively at Payless, and I had never heard of it before until A purchased the “sunset lip shimmer” pictured below. She did not like the color so gave it to me. I loved it. I loved it so much in fact that I went back and bought it in every color they had. I now have five of them. (There was a Bogo sale going on, and they were only $2, so it’s not that bad. Right?)

List price is $3.99 retail.

2) Things that come with the words “some assembly required”.

I love putting things together. I love figuring out the often obscure instructions, using the dinky alan wrenches, and feeling as though I participated somewhat in the creation of my object.

3) Alaffia sustainable skincare.

The ever-impressive Y was recently hired at this delightful local company (thank goodness too–she’d been waxing poetic about working for them for over a year!) that sells fair-trade and shea-butter based products, the proceeds of which  “help West African communities become sustainable through the fair trade of indigenous resources.” (source)

The packaging is delightful, the product feels great and smells heavenly, and by the time Y was done talking it up I’d be crazy not to love it.  I am going to start looking into their other products as well. They’ve got everything from beauty products to hair products to skin care. And beautiful woven baskets.

Please do hop on over to their website, the photos are lovely.

4) My new “Restore” VirginMobile phone (and the low, non-contract plan)

Right now calling my phone doesn’t work, but that is getting ironed out in the transition. The unlimited texting is working just fine! I have the lowest BeyondTalk plan: 300 minutes, unlimited text, data, and web. The next plan, for $40, has unlimited text, data, web, and 1200 minutes. For unlimited everything, it is $60. You can’t beat a plan like that, contract or not! (And I chose NOT)

5) The 2011 Tony Awards broadcast.

I’ve seen every show for the past eight or so years, and this is without doubt the best I’ve seen.

Minus Brooke Sheilds.

And Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark. (Seriously…you have a superhero show and you perform a ballad without choreography or movement of any kind, without even the tights? You’re not doing yourself any favors–no matter how much I want to believe in you.)

Also–mad props go out to Daniel Radcliffe. His dancing skills are featured below:


I think I’ve given myself a slight concussion.

This is self-diagnosed, so take it with a grain of salt, but something is not quite right.

Let me paint the scene:

It was Thursday afternoon, and I was giving a tour much like any other to a graduated senior and her mother. We had reached the O’Grady library. While walking up the stairs to the second floor, the daughter asked a question and I looked behind to answer. When I turned my head back to the front, I had somehow come much closer to the wall than I expected (I’m still foggy on how it happened as I  had my hand on the hand rail and could have sworn I was a foot away) and THWACK my head hit the wall, leaving me a tad dizzy and in serious pain. This lasted for less than a minute, a minute during which I quipped, “I just hit my head!” the tourees laughed, and I continued walking.

The next morning I had a horrendous headache, nausea, and more, which worsened today until I felt like I would vomit. (I did not). Here are the WebMD symptoms I have been exhibiting:

–confusion or feeling dazed, clumsiness, slurred speech (boy did I have a hard time on following tours!), nausea, headache, dizziness, sluggishness, concentration difficulties.

8 out of 14, that’s pretty high.

The website also mentions it could take a day or so for the bad symptoms to appear, and it did take that long.

So I think it is safe to say with about 80% accuracy that I have sustained a mild concussion. Nothing to do about it of course, but it is good to know why I feel this way.

Why my head is throbbing.

The website recommends I take some pain relieving medication, avoid fist-fights, and wear my seat-belt. So that’s what I will do.




a self-concussed



3 thoughts on “How IE self-concussed and what she likes to buy

  1. You surely were acting a bit concussed today. I still had the loveliest time! Your enthusiasm for Alaffia warms my heart. 🙂

  2. When Jahni got a concussion in the fall durng lacrosse practice I was in the doctor’s office with her and my dad and when the doctor asked her to count backward from 20 in intervals of three, she was toast after 17. She also didn’t know the days of the week….lol

  3. I know it will be hard for you to give up fist-fighting for a while – but hang in there – it will all be worth it 😉

    In other news – Alaffia facial soap is my LOVE and works WONDERS!

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