Elle Daily Horoscope–Scorpio

I read my “Elle daily horoscope” for a giggle from time to time.

Today’s Scorpio horoscope is concerning, so I thought I’d copy it here:

“Emotions go into hyperdrive today as your secondary ruler, Mars, enters Gemini and activates your eighth house of extremes, passion and metaphysics for the next few weeks. Anything ‘lite’ won’t cut it right now. Small talk, one-night stands, diet food: forget about it! You want to live on the edge, Scorpio. Feelings could seesaw between love and loathing, bliss and despair. You need an outlet, prefereably a physical one, so get thee to a fitness center, STAT. This Mars phase rules shared resources, and could even bring an engagement, pregnancy, or possibly an in heritance.”


Which reminds me of my favorite line from GLEE season one, when Puck says to Quinn, “Looks like we’ve got ourselves another immaculate conception!”


The chicken yard is complete, and the chickens are starting to come outside. They are rather skittish, and one variety has yet to do more than poke its head out the pulley-operated door.

This morning I went outside and picked a head of lettuce, and will be eating a very fresh, homemade, chicken BBQ-Ranch salad for lunch.

How beautiful is it that I can walk into the back yard and pick my lunch? (Well…minus the chicken part. I mean…I suppose I could…but I think I would get in quite a bit of trouble for that.)



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