Diminish Me Not–Lest Ye Provoke Me to Greatness

Someone told me last night that I ought to apply for jobs in Shelton and Lacey, because I will never be hired in NYC and if I do move I will have no funds and end up being miserable.

For one moment I was angry–how dare they belittle me, doubt me, and basically say that I am worthless?

Then, that moment was over, and all I felt was a tiny sadness for them.

I am aware of the logistics, I am aware of all of the hard, hard work I will be doing.

I am also aware that I am extremely intelligent, that I have already begun taking the necessary steps, and that I am destined to be in NYC for a time at least.

The only sadness left over was for this person’s inability to dream.


I want to have several thousands saved up (I need to have several thousands saved up) and am already well on the way.

It is also extremely difficult, but I am trying to secure employment before I move.


I am applying now.

I am saving now.

I am going.



I love graphs and charts, so I have made one to represent my NYC savings.

I have a binder full of moving to NY blogs, advice columns, pricing guides, real estate guides, cost of living, anecdotal articles on other people’s moves.

That’s about all I can do.

Once I arrive all of that will probably go out the window.

But it is what I can do now.

So, naysayers, what does it hurt to just let me drift along in my dreamy/practically-prepared bubble?

Where’s the harm in believing?



2 thoughts on “Diminish Me Not–Lest Ye Provoke Me to Greatness

  1. I don’t know who told you that you couldn’t make the journey or the stay in NYC, but all I know is that you ARE fully capable df succeeding wherever you go. I’m sad you’ll be going further from me, but more so excited and anxious for you to go no only because I know you want to, but also to hear and se all the wonderful and outstanding things you’ll do. I know this because its how I feel about Jesse being over there– wistful yet glad he’s realising his dream. Of course, while you are saving up, we should also start planning out coast to coast podcast!

  2. I believe in you and your dreams!

    I am so happy for you! I love the chart, and that is such a good start, wish I could save money that quickly for the Africa fund!

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