Zinfandel, Lip Drench, Cover Up, and Family Letters.

Attention World:

The only thing better than NOT working a split-shift on a Sunday is having an idyllic lake to swim in between shifts.

Today was my first lake-swim of the summer, and it was wonderful. A-S frolicked in the sun, I in the lake, and then we both fled to the hot tub when the sun decided to take a nose-dive behind the clouds.

I had access to a lake this weekend because I have been house-sitting for a delightful couple, watering plants and keeping their cat company.

I would just like to say, house sitting is one of the best gigs.

It’s almost like playing pretend.

I will be leaving “The Lake House”, and will transition over to my next house-sitting job, at what I call “The Tumwater Tower”. (I have a penchant for naming houses). “The Tumwater Tower” is owned by a family I have not house-sat for before–I was referred to them by a friend whose cat I have watched twice. I will be taking care of two dogs, two cats, a parrot, and a fish for a week.

It is fun to try out different houses, to have temporary pets, and get a little window into other’s lives.

Both of these offers came sort of out of the blue, and on the same day. Funny how things like that work out.

They came at a perfect time, giving me a little more extra money to buy some athletic clothes/ballet slippers for the beginning ballet class I am starting on Tuesday.

Before graduation I had promised myself that I would take dance over the summer, then I kind of forgot about it. Rather out of the blue, Y mentioned wanting to take a dance class. We googled, found a session about to start, and registered.

Life works out so perfectly–especially when I am not trying too hard.

Speaking of life: I am feeling more and more drawn to leaving this area as soon as possible. My original “smart” timeline spanned in possibility from January ’12 to May ’12, but that now feels wrong. It feels like a waste of time. If things continue to work out, I would love to go much much sooner. Say…fall?

I will keep you posted if any changes occur, for now I will continue enjoying life and squirreling away funds.

It’s amazing not having to pay rent, utilities, or groceries–I am able to put away at least $1000 a month. Of course, once I move out I will never be able to do this again, hence why I am taking advantage now.

Before leaving you I would like to tell you that

1) My Virgin Mobile Restore phone is lovely, having a qwerty keyboard makes me look so much better at texting, and unlimited texting is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. I begin to think I shall never stop. Also, I have about two weeks to go before my month is up, and I’ve only used 48 out of 300 minutes. The $25 plan will be more than sufficient.

My parents are switching to Virgin Mobile because of my enthusiasm. They are also forking over for the pretty smartphone I had wanted, but didn’t feel it was right to splurge on when saving money. They don’t even text. I suppose that is about to change. #grumble

If you would like to make the switch, let me know and I will give you a code that will get us both 60 extra minutes (I don’t need them, but you might!)

2) I realized lately that I act as though the entire world uses hashtags. This includes blogs, texts, and even handwritten journal entries.

3)I have always seen the Physician’s Formula brand of makeup at stores, and thought that while I loved the packaging it probably was not worth the price tag. On a recent Fred Meyer trip there was a coupon for $3 off one Physician’s Formula item, so I decided to try something out. On a whim I bought THIS concealer.

I will never be without it again. It is magic. Dark under-eyes and slight blemishes are erased. I will, sometime soon, go back for more of their products. I do not think that I have ever been more impressed with one beauty product. Well, except for the following:

4) Lola Cosmetic’s ultra-drench lipstick in Ambrosia.

(ambrosia is on the right)

If the name and packaging weren’t already to-die-for (it came in a tiny red box wrapped in tiny, hearted, red tissue paper, in a tiny red gift bag with tiny black ribbon handles, also hearted), this lipstick is so glam and ultra-moisturizing, I will never buy dry-feeling lipstick again simply because it is inexpensive. What is even more surprising, for me, is that the color lasts for multiple hours before needing to be reapplied. The tube retails for $18.50, about four times the price I ordinarily pay for lipstick, but it also lasts four times as long and feels four to ten times better.

I did not pay full price for the lipstick, it actually came as a ‘perk’ when I purchased Moulin Rouge. I am a member of BookPerk, a website that sells books and dvds, and pairs them with a perk such as an autograph or a free gift. For around $5 (plus S&H) I got a dvd I adore and a lipstick I am now infatuated with. I am slowly being converted to purchasing less, but better, beauty products. I recommend this lipstick so firmly that I even endorse it at its full price. In fact, I think I may pick up another shade with my next paycheck.

(If you are interested in joining bookperk, please use my referral link. The deals range from amazing to cooky to just plain bad, and while I have only purchased two, it is always fun to see what they are offering.)

5) My Drunk Kitchen:

It is exactly what it sounds like. A woman gets drunk in her kitchen and sort of kind of not really makes food. You may already know about it, I only saw her videos when an article about her popped up in my twitter feed. I’ve embedded one of her videos below, but warning they are all explicit…and explicitly funny.

6) Speaking of alcohol and other vices…I’ve always sort of had the taste of an old man: whisky, a very very very occasional cigar, vodka, (basically any hard liquor, especially straight up), and beer are my drinking occasional loves. I’ve always wanted to be a wine lover, it seems like the classy thing to do, but I don’t care for merlots, cabernet sauvignon, and whatever other reds have been pushed my way. (Not to mention the funky colors they turn your mouth and teeth). Then I made a lovely discovery–white wine. Can you say yum? This may be the pansy side of wine drinking, but since I rarely drink alcohol, and when I do drink it is because I enjoy the taste, I am going to drink what I like. And I like white wine. And I like cheap pink wine. Which is white?

*(before when I said “always”, what I really meant was “since October”. Obviously.)

I’m not very well educated on wines. I should check out a book.

Anyway, I purchased this cheapo wine from Target (WHICH NOW CARRIES GROCERIES HOORAY) to take to a friend’s house for dinner the other evening.

*(Not to be confused with Target box wine. Which is a whole other–and unpleasant–matter.)

I bought it because it was inexpensive, pretty, and had a “gold medal” sticker on it. I love printed accolades, now that I understand that they are awards and not literal. (Do not get me started on blue ribbon ice cream).


I was not aware until this last year that my parents send out family Christmas letters. I don’t know if I never found out before, or if it was new, but I found out only after the letters had all been mailed.

I was NOT happy with the contents about me.

Rather than dwell on the unpleasant past, I am going to focus on the future. And in that bright, not-too-distant, exciting future, Emilie sends out her very own semi-not-regular family update letters. In which she talks about herself. Much as she does on her blog. And is doing currently, in the third person. Which is weird.

I am giving you all the chance of a lifetime, to be the first to sign up for my address book. I’m not going to spam people who aren’t interested in me talking about me (but if you weren’t, why would you read my blog?). If, for some strange reason, you do want a cheesy letter complete with awkward photos and random facts about where I’m at in life, send me your mailing address (or email)! I am quite excited about this and will be utterly heartbroken if no one signs up. So heartbroken, in fact, that I may never update my blog again. (Totally not true).

That’s enough nonsense for this evening.

Happy Sunday (the day that came after).



6 thoughts on “Zinfandel, Lip Drench, Cover Up, and Family Letters.

  1. 1) I like your reference to my 15th birthday Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Incident.
    2)You can include me in your address book. Duh.

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