“Nothing Remarkable Happened Today”

Words of the day:

putrescent, salacious, conflicted.

Novels always use the term “oppressive heat”. For me, that’s today.

Yesterday, as you are all aware, was the Fourth of July–a day where Americans eat gluttonously, drink heavily, endanger lives and pollute the air. It’s patriotic.

I wonder how bright our continent looked from space last night?


Yesterday also marked the anniversary of the day the Chickasaw Nation moved, en masse, out of their homelands onto an Indian reservation in Oklahoma. Yes, they were one of the few tribes paid for their land, but they knew they were in a fight they could not win.


I finally saw Titanic.

It really was worth all of those Academy Awards.

I think it broke my heart a little, and it’s a good thing I was watching it by myself.

This is how I looked at the end.

(I apologize if you had heretofore managed to avoid seeing something as frightening as the above photograph.)


Are you in need of cool stuff?

Do you want a pageant gown to parade around the house in?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted some ceramic chickens, a dainty parasol, or a brand new purse?

Maybe you know friends with children who could use oodles of Barbies, stuffed animals, dolls, and other toys?

Or perchance you just want some inexpensive clothing, and are tired of Goodwill and Value Village.

Well do I have the sale for you.

This Saturday, starting at 10am, you will have the chance to experience the garage sale of a lifetime.

Not one, not two, but THREE (count them, THREE) households are being combined into ONE mega-giant-AWESOME-ridiculously teeny prices-blowout-GARAGE SALE-extravaganza!!!!

(Are you hearing the annoying-voiced car salesman yet? No? Are you sure? That’s what I thought.)

Seriously though, the garage sale is in Lacey, and if you’re interested I’ll get you the address. Or if you know anyone who likes garage sales, I can give them the address.


I have completed my house-sitting duties and am now ensconced at home. Where I have internet. I missed the internet. I have to make a pie this evening after ballet because I signed up to bring one to the office picnic tomorrow, but every evening after this one will be spent gearing up for the garage sale. Did I mention I am trying to get rid of A LOT of stuff?

Well the oppressive heat has oppressed my blog, so I am going to go picture penguins, twisted frosties, sticking my head in the freezer, and Father Christmas in order to trick my body into ignoring the 80 degrees.

Best of luck, wishes of happiness, and IE style magic blessings on you all,


The Emiliest of Esther-Anns


3 thoughts on ““Nothing Remarkable Happened Today”

  1. I love it that my ceramic chickens made it into this post! I am also glad to be rid of them. And I also have some sweet, irregular tan lines from our garage sale and the happy day of sun and fun and margaritas and talk about past lovers that ensued. 🙂

    “I had a lover…I don’t think I’ll risk another these days…THESE days…”

    You and I should listen to Nico together. I think you would so appreciate her.

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