Absent Author Does Other Things

You must all be certain that because I have been cruelly neglecting my little blog that I have instead been out having grand, real-life adventures.

I will neither confirm nor deny this, so please continue to surmise away.

I believe I previously mentioned that I have been drawing again recently. This past Sunday some friends were having a Dr. Seuss themed baby shower, so I drew them a picture of two Sneetches shaking hands. I forgot to take a picture of my picture so I guess you don’t get to see the picture.

I’ve also been doing my fashion doodles again, like so:













































I have some plans for my drawings, but these plans are still so nebulous that they deserve little more than a shallow nod of the head in acknowledgement.

–Tomorrow is the midnight premiere (or technically midnight Friday) of HPDH2; I will be arriving at the Lacey Regal around 3:10pm (after I get off work) and am taking the easy route and dressing up as Rita Skeeter. I will be having the “IMAX 3D EXPERIENCE” and will be blogging all about it.

–I finally caught up with the rest of civilization and purchased a webcam so my Skype username is Emilie.Estherann.  I only have one friend. Please be my Skype friend. It is depressing to only have one.

–I have also been enjoying Google+, Pandora, and flickr for the first time as well. The internet truly is a marvelous thing. As is Redbox, which I finally located. Turns out it was on the OTHER side of Fred Meyer. Near the electronics. Where all the other dvds are. (Go figure.)

–My garage sale did what I wanted, combined with Goodwill I got rid of over thirteen boxes of weight-loss clothes and junk I no longer needed. I also made about $100, which was quite pleasing. I couldn’t give up my Barbie Cafe, Christmas Barbie, Princess of Ireland, and Sparkle Fairy. I priced them, put them in a box, and then just could not do it. I mean, why would I give up a miniature twirling blender, or a pie that ‘cooks’ in the oven, or a perfect china tea set the size of my fingertip? I couldn’t answer that question either.

After the garage sale I was left with several businessy dresses (very nice ones) and am going to try to alter them so that I can wear them to work. Many ooohed and awed over my old prom/pageant dresses but I was in the wrong neighborhood for that purchasing demographic. I am going to, instead, try an online clothing sale right here on my blog. So if you know of any girls on a budget but who want nice dresses (or if you’ve always wanted something in my closet for your dress up days) send them my way once I put the pictures up. If that fails I will do ebay, but I’d rather not deal with the whole bidding process if I can avoid it.

I am simply not applying for jobs in this state right now. I know that I am coming down to the wire, but the thought of applying around here depresses me so I am ignoring the possibility of having to be here some more months after my summer position ends the final days of August. If it comes to that, I will figure it out then. I’m about a third of the way on my savings, but silly things like expenses and bills and gasoline are not allowing me to put away quite as much as I thought I would be able to a month. It’s still quite a bit, but not as much as I’d dreamed. Ah well, c’est la vie comme moi. 



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