Better Homes and Emilie

I mentioned in my last entry (before going into more description of my flu than you ever wanted) that I had cleaned/reorganized my room a little bit. I’ve promised a few times over the years to post pictures of my room, and I never seem to follow through.

I will now give you an online tour of my space. If you are a psychologist like Dr. Sweets, please do tell me what I reveal.

First Glance:

When you step into my room, the first things you will probably notice are my bookcases. Also prominent, barely making it into the picture on the right is my desk, and my couch on the left. I have organized my room into different concise areas, optimizing my space and separating rest from work spaces.

First stop: Work space

On the right in my room I have set up my work station. My desk, laptop on its cooling pad, printer, new webcam, wireless mouse, external floppy drive on loan (for embroidery digitizing), whiteboard for to-do lists and reminders, and home phone are all clearly set out in their place. The cords are fastened to the back of the desk with unfolded paperclips for now, but I shall be purchasing large binder clips for a more permanent organizational solution.

As an addendum to the ‘office’ area, directly to the right of my desk I’ve set up a beverage station:

As you can see, the shelf holds my tea box, cocoa collection, and cups. Below, my coffee pot (purchased at Fred Meyer night at SMU) and coffee grinder sit on the top of the drawers. I also have placed the power strip that my ‘office’ is plugged into on top of the drawers for ease of access. The vase and wax melting device on the drawers are not in their permanent homes, I’ve yet to think of a place to put them. In the first drawer I store coffee, more cups, vanilla, silverware, and other beverage-y things.

If you were to take a step into my room, directly past my desk on the left is the fourth bookshelf in my room.

(Don’t mind the clutter on the shelves, I’m working on doing away with that.)

It actually serves a triple purpose–the shelves hold books, the top holds my notebooks and some office supplies, and the back of it actually serves as a physical and mental divider, walling off the side of my bed and creating a separate sleep space. This gives my bed privacy as it is not easy to view from the hallway, and allows  more peace and quiet of mind when getting ready to sleep as the noise of work-centric energy is literally blocked.

Turn 90 degrees to the left and you will see my relaxing area:

My couch, with my poorly-framed SMU certificates above, is positioned to give the feel of a study, is in close proximity to my books, and is in the perfect position to watch internet tv and movies on my laptop screen from across the room.

On the left of my couch (when sitting in it) is the matching drawer to my drink station.

It is meant to compliment the reading/writing that I do on the couch. There is a light, a cup of writing utensils, and one of the four items I’ve always wanted in my space–an hour glass. G-Force gave this to me, along with a fabulous faux-fur coat for graduation, and I don’t think he is aware of how giddy it makes me. I use it for writing practice, turning it to mark an hour. Not pictured on top, I also have a few notebooks, my latest Smithsonian, and the book I am reading all held in place under the St. Martin’s paper weight that H-M gave me for graduation.

Finally we have reached the alphabetical beginning of my bookshelves:

As they take up the most space in my room, you probably realize that my books are some of my most important personal belongings. I own upwards of 300 books (I honestly haven’t counted in a few years) and am still in the process of cataloging them all on my computer. They are organized alphabetically by author by genre, and the genres themselves are alphabetized. The exception to the author alphabetization would be series written by multiple authors, such as my Star Wars books. The series name would then take the place of the author in the genre, and the books themselves are ordered chronologically in the order of the series.

The first shelf is the one farthest to the left. It begins with Auto-Biographies, and I believe makes its way to Fantasy. The second shelf starts at Fantasy and makes it to Science Fiction. The third shelf, only half as high because of the window, starts at Science Fiction and ends at Theatre. The fourth and final shelf (the one making the wall on the bed) starts at Theatre and finishes up with Young Adult.

The latest sections I have added have been Gender Studies, Philosophy, and Chemistry.

On top of the third bookshelf, bathed in the light coming in from the window, is what I like to jokingly refer to as my ‘zen station’.

Here you see the matching lamp, my sand garden from A-S complete with the beautiful dragonfly rock gifted me by Fr. B, and my small fountain also given me by A-S. You cannot see, but in the sand of the fountain, there is a small Luke Skywalker action figure holding a blaster. I realize that this somewhat violent pose may seem to be at odds with the otherwise peace-centric attitude of this area, but I choose to believe that this is a wonderful reminder of the balance of humanity, between reason and passion. (Also, the sand reminds me of Tatooine.) In the fountain sand there is a perfect sand dollar, also gifted to me by Fr. B at a Campus Ministry retreat. Finally, in the tiny glass bottle in the sand garden is a rolled up note. Namaste is written on it so that it can be seen from outside the glass, and the edges were hand-singed by me using my vanilla pillar candle.

Make another ninety degree  angle and you can see my bed with the fabric lamp hanging above gifted me by my sister before I started college. I still love that lamp. Finally, on the backside of my desk, abutting my bed, I have placed my ihome (I use it as an alarm clock), my earplugs, and my favorite pen for writing in my journal and crossing out boxes on my calendar at the end of a long day.

So there you have it, that’s my room!

Since it’s hard to get a complete sense of space from photos, take a look at my completely out-of-scale floor plan I drew (I have an in-scale floor plan I have drawn at home, complete with furniture, but that is at home and I am not. If you are lucky I will update it later):

In the corner between my book shelves there is an open space behind the right one, and I store my weights and yoga mat there. Out of the way, but easy to reach. The floor space in front of my couch has the perfect amount of room for doing yoga, so I just roll out my mat there.

I mentioned earlier that I have always wanted four things in my space: an hour-glass, a fountain, a globe, and a beautiful large world map. I now have two of them thanks to friends.

I have several projects for my room, which include:

–A chalkboard head board

–Fixing the certificate framing

–Fixing the fever curtain

–Chalkboard fronts on bookshelves for ease of labeling/changing labeling

–Shams for couch pillows

Enjoy your Sunday, I am looking forward to enjoying an in-between shifts walk.

I hope you enjoyed the photo tour, mostly I wanted to bubble about why I arrange my room the way I do.




While uploading photos from my phone I found these two old ones on the mini sd card I had switched over from the phone Nic-u-chair-ik (that’s your new nickname) had given me once upon a time.

Here’s one:

I really don’t know when this is from, what is going on with my hair or the camera, but I really kind of like it.

Picture Two:

Ahh, good old Music Theory, back where IE & Y began (and back where they ate the most atrocious foods quite frequently).

7 thoughts on “Better Homes and Emilie

  1. I LOVE how you have your room arranged, the beverage station is so you, as is the Star Wars figurine in the Zen Station.

    I also love that my prissy handwriting made it into your post, and I must point out, we all need friends to eat atrocious foods with. Regularly. Again, part of the all important life balance.

    I loved our afternoon together! It was sun soaked and delicious. And, we are pretty wonderful, I think!

  2. I…am so proud of you. You have rearranged better than I could have imagined. I’d post pictures of my room but it doesn’t look nearly as awesome.

  3. Hmm, so then does that mean if I refer to myself, I’m “Nic-me-chair-ik”?

    I feel like I’ve just spammed your blog with 3 or 4 comments, but I’ve missed reading your musings! I need to catch up! Hope all is well, friend!

    • Haha, I was giggling to myself a little that I suddenly had Nick comments all over the place. Yes, you should catch up! (Although it looks like you already did).

      I like your adoption of “Nick-me-chair-ik”. It was not what I was going for, but I like it.
      Also, your tumblr or whatever it is cracks me up.
      The star wars kid is my favorite.

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