Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Dear Moviegoers looking for a sincerely funny good time:

Not quite raunchy comedy. Not precisely a romantic comedy. Definitely not a sincere tearjerker, and yet….What exactly is Steve Carrell’s latest film, Crazy, Stupid, Love.? The best adjective is “smart”. The film takes measured doses of each of the above genres (and probably a few more) and mixes them all together seamlessly to create a movie that, while not fitting tidily into a particular film category, makes for an alternately laughing-out-loud and secretly-misty-eyed heartwarming adult comedy.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. is in the style made popular by Love, Actually, focusing on about six different storylines and then illustrating how they connect in the climax of the film. The main protagonist (not redundant as the other characters take the lead from time to time as well) is played well by Steve Carrell. The film opens with close-ups of various couples in snazzy shoes playing footsie before settling on a couple whose feet are not touching; the male’s feet shod in comfy sneakers. A few minutes later Mr. Weaver learns that his wife wants a divorce and the plot of heartbreak and recovery is off and running. Add in the horny son, amorous baby-sitter, intelligent but staid law student and her trusty and blunt best friend, the ladies man who takes Mr. Weaver under his finely toned wing post-breakup, and we’ve got ourselves a movie. Oh, yeah, there’s also this character played by none other than crooner Josh Groban that will make even the most placid of audience members go “ick”.

Not at all what I expected, in a good way, Crazy, Stupid, Love. was handled with surprising finesse and will definitely be a film to see again on dvd. The only moment in the film that felt a bit unnecessary was a scene in which Steve Carrell passes out in a sauna, accidentally plastering his face on his friend’s private bits. Note the use of “a bit”. Even this moment managed to hang on to a modicum of charm, avoiding absolute gross-out thanks to Ryan Gosling’s unabashed cool.

So, go see Crazy, Stupid, Love. Don’t be afraid to laugh a lot even if the audience members around you are only silently chuckling. Be impressed with Steve Carrell’s straight acting along with his comedy, be prepared for some really messed up crushing, plenty of skin, and soak up the smarts and comedy of Easy A heroine, Emma Stone.

Overall, 4.25 stars out of 5.





P.S. See the trailer below:

P.P.S The Babysitter is played by none other than ANTM’s Cycle 11 second-runner-up: Analeigh Tipton. She’s good.

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