Blackboards Aren’t Just for Pruny Old Spinster Teachers

…and neither is Shabby Chic.

‘Ello Readers!

Just when you thought you’d gotten to know all about my room (see post a few days ago) I’ve gone and made changes!

Item One:

Chalkboard Paint.

I am still working on the chalkboard headboard, but I have completed my bookshelf labels and tops. See below:

I’ve painted the fronts of my bookshelves because my book collection is forever growing, so as I get new books I have to rearrange and move the labels around. This way I can just erase and rewrite!

I also had two shelves with very ugly tops, so I covered that up with the paint and can now draw whatever I like.

Today, on my lunch break with my coworker, we decided to pop on over to the Dollar Tree. It’s amazing that we did, because in a bush in the parking lot I found a beautiful print of a painting! In a frame! Just abandoned!

On our way out we picked it up and put it in the car, and then I took it home. I hung it up and decided to do some DIY shabby chic, so I sanded down the finish in spots. I’m in love with how it turned out (and how impressive it looks about my couch).

(before the sanding)

(and the final product is pictured above)

You will notice another addition in the first photo–I have made a floral centerpiece for the corner! For the longest time I have wanted a topiary, but when at the Dollar Tree inspiration struck and I purchased the materials for the centerpiece.

Finally, I stopped at Ross after work today in pursuit of new set of sheets. I was down to only a fitted sheet, mismatched pillow cases, and that fitted sheet had paint and ink stains on it from previous art projects. I think it also had a patched tear.

I found (in addition to a drool-worthy purse and wallet) a set complete with four pillowcases, and a beautiful pattern:

Oh, yeah, and that is just ONE of the most amazing quilts made specially for me by my wonderful and generous (and pretty cool) Grandmother.


I got a lot of positive feedback from the Snow White post saying “yes, more like this!” I’m not sure what the this was referring to, exactly. But chances are, me being me, you will read more like it.

And you will also continue to read things about crafting and sewing, health, media reviews, and whatever I happen to be thinking about.

I think I am also going to start writing actual articles. More on that later.

I want to go play with some chalk….



P.S. Yes I am quite aware that this was not one of my finest posts. It’s my bedtime. Deal with it.

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