Have You Noticed How the Smallest Things Like to Become the Largest?

This whole house-sitting thing has gotten out of control.

It all started last year when a friend asked me to watch her cat/apartment.

Then another friend had me watch her fish/apartment.

Then the first lady asked again. Then I got a third customer, with a house and cat.

Then a fourth, with two dogs, two cats, a bird, and a fish.

Finally, a fifth random customer (co-worker’s family) who I am meeting tonight for the first time with a dog.

These aren’t just one-shot deals, the first three I’ve house-sat for multiple times.

I just house-sat for ten days, and in three days I will be at the new place for a few, and then back at the Lake House again.

I did the math. Because of all this house-sitting, I will have spent 11 days at home in the entire month of August (once it is over).

I am not complaining, this is a great little side business.

I am thinking of making a business card.

It is just another example of the hilarious universe taking full advantage of the tiniest opportunity, and turning things into far more than I ever expected.

Y mentioned that she and her guru have come to a conclusion: the best opportunities in life are ones we often fall into.

Looking back at all of the great things that have happened for me, most of them seemingly came out of nowhere. Yes, I had done the work, but it was only after I jumped in that the preparation became apparent. Less like falling into, more like the Universe having a comic sense of timing.

1–Drum Major: Band Director sees me perfecting my (admittedly amazing) slides on the high school stage.

“Hey Emilie, have you considered trying out for Drum Major?”

“Well, a little bit, but not seriously.”

“You should.”


2–Playwriting: “Hey this Creative Writing class looks fun. Boy do I love the playwriting section.”

“Hey Emilie, your plays are actually pretty good. Keep working.”

“Golly, I really can do this!” Two years later, two play-readings.

3–Flute: “I’d really like to join band, what instrument should I pick? Well, I can already make noise on this flute, and it is shiny. Done.” Now, ten years later, I’ve given recitals!

4–Tour Guide: My friend is walking around campus giving a tour. “Boy, I’d be good at that.” Email comes out same day–“Be a tour guide!” I say, “ok!”

5–Queen Aggravain: After Guys & Dolls–“Hey Emilie you’d be a great Aggravain.” Next year, musical announced, “Once Upon A Mattress”.

6–Campus Ministry: I walk in to check out Campus Ministry and immediately like it. Day or two later, “Hey, I think I’d like to volunteer here, could you use me?” “Actually….would you like a job?”

7–Priory: Friend works here for a year. “I wonder what happens there, it would be fun to check out.” “Hey, Emilie, Priory needs a new worker. You want it?” “Ok!”

What this really means for me is that you can plan as much as you want, but don’t be surprised when there are even better plans out there for you.


Speaking of plans, I had intended to continue upping my blog stats by posting daily, but the other plans intervened again. Other plans like a hot tub, researching laminate cotton for my new lunch bag I will be constructing, watching trashy television, reading about sewing haute couture, tardis-cake parachute-playing birthday parties, lots of coffee, and designing outfits such as these:

Here’s hoping that life has been preparing me for a new opportunity, because my summer job ends in a couple of weeks.



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