Bon Appetit: Packing Hasn’t Been This Fun Since the Third Grade

I have been waxing poetic for months now on the joys of a homemade lunchbox. No matter where I end up working I will be packing my own lunch 95% of the time, and nothing is more depressing than fumbling awkwardly for tupperware before reaching for the nearest plastic sack.

This is not environmentally friendly, this is not personal, this is not convenient, and this is NOT stylish. Style is very important to me–as the girl who almost went to fashion school I will never lose my flair.

So now, after months of researching fabric, bags, and reusable containers, I present to you my lunch bag:

It is made with laminated cotton from the lovely Heather Bailey shop. It is safe for food, and easy to keep clean.

It is lined in another of her laminated cotton. It is insulated with batting.

Inside I have a set of reusable dishes (much BETTER than tupperware) that I purchased at my all time favorite downtown Oly store, Compass Rose. (Archibald Sisters is a close second.)

It actually came in a kit with a tote made out of recycled material, but I think the tote will be a much better fit for my dance shoes and the lunch bag a better fit for the containers. Because I measured it around the containers. 🙂

I put a pocket on the inside, the perfect size for an ice pack, or a napkin and silverware!

Oh, yes, and I made a reusable snack bag with some scraps and velcro.

Then, I went and packed my lunch for tomorrow and stacked it in the bag. In the large [microwave and dishwasher safe] container I actually put soup. I tested it by tipping it to the side, flipping it upside down to test the seal. It was perfect, no leaks, no mess.

For the final touch I slid a spoon and fork into the pocket, and a cloth napkin.

I am going to be the most adorable lunch-eater in the office tomorrow.



I must admit that what was supposed to be a cost-saving project was actually rather expensive, but that’s just because I have excellent taste. But if I can use this for perhaps years, I will be happy and the cost will be made up for. I am considering the bigger picture 🙂

I also firmly believe that having such a cute lunch setup will encourage me to take pride in what I’m packing. The food should be as good for me as the containers! During the month of September, I am going to focus on health. This lunch kit is the first step.



4 thoughts on “Bon Appetit: Packing Hasn’t Been This Fun Since the Third Grade

  1. this is AMAZING! so cute, and i totally “get” it. 🙂 i’ve been wanting to buy some fabric for reusable sandwich/snack bags for awhile now. wouldn’t have thought of actually making the lunch bag too! well done em!

    • Thank you so much! I am actually eating lunch out of it as we speak and I am in love with my creation. It also worked well, one tiny ice pack and it stayed really cold, then the soup was microwaved and you could not feel it from the container.

  2. This is so great! I am rethinking my lunch ways as well. I use my African grass shoulder basket and it works well, but I’d love to have more of a “system” like you have. 🙂

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