The Alaffia Skincare Experiment: Week One

It has already been one week since I started using Alaffia’s skincare products, and there has already been an extreme difference. The first morning after, my forehead had cleared up considerably. Since then, the amount of acne on my face has decreased dramatically, but larger acne is being brought to the surface.Breakouts seem to react almost immediately to the melon seed oil, becoming much less enflamed in a day, and gone in two. This is a huge change from the last few months when the same acne seemed to linger for weeks.

I realized, a week in, that I probably should have had the same angle/hair/facial expression for my end time-lapse video, but I think that ship has sailed.

Here are week one’s photos:


You will notice that I also figured out a better flash setting on my camera for showing off the acne (never thought that I would want to do that!)

I have a feeling that the recovery of my face is going to take quite a while, as there is probably much lurking just under the surface that will be brought up.

I will say that my skin feels much more evenly moisturized, and that other people have been noticing. On day three I came home from house sitting and the first thing my mother said to me was, “Wow, your skin looks great.”

Then I saw Y, and she also mentioned the difference.

I will be interested to see how time continues to effect my skin, and whether there will be a difference in the response to breakouts associated with different times in my cycle.

I will be checking back in next Sunday!



P.S. Apologies for not posting this Sunday evening as promised, the internet at my house was broken.

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