Alaffia Skincare Experiment: Week Two

Not on Sunday as promised, I was out of town at a place with no cell service, no internet, no 3G, no connection to the outside world…

This last week has been an interesting one for my skin. The product seems to clean up breakouts and reduce acne immediately, but does not prevent flareups. I do feel as though the acne coming up is being pulled from deep under my skin and brought to the surface where it can be quickly dealt with. This leaves me with a cleaned up face for a day or two, an acne attack, and then an immediate reduction with use of the products starting the process over again. I know that much more time is needed to determine long-term effectiveness, but for now here are a few photos:

Starting skin:









Mid-Week Two:









End of Week Two:









I realize that the pictures aren’t showing very much right now, but to be honest that is because there is little to reflect at this point.




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