New York Will Just Have To Wait: Here’s To [Work]Life

“Exactly what life needs—exactly when life needs it.”

The tagline on my blog may sound a little hokey to some of you, but is an accurate representation of my life. After graduation I posted about my New York savings, and stated that I felt as though the time for my cross-country jet was quickly approaching. This was true at the time. But over the next month or so I began to feel a bit of a pull to remain for a while longer. Perhaps years.

At first I resisted. I did not want to admit it to myself. I could feel my just-finalized plans changing without permission. So I did the only thing I could, I said ok. If I’m meant to remain in the area for the time being, I need to figure out why.

I still did not tell people of this change—I didn’t want to have to deal with any of those, “But you said you were going to do this” or “I knew you wouldn’t go” or “Ha, time to accept reality like the rest of us” comments that were sure to come my way.

Then, when a position that I had thought about a year before when I couldn’t apply because I was still in school opened up again, I realized that this was probably a possibility as to why I was feeling like I should stay. So I applied. I kept it pretty quiet, telling only a few people, because I wanted to see how the application played out. I was confident in my abilities, but I knew that there would probably be many qualified candidates.

It has been over a month since I began the application process and it is with much excitement that I am now able to tell you that I have officially been offered and accepted the position of Admission(s) Counselor at SMU. (There is some debate about the “s” in that title).

I will say that New York, I know, is still part of my future. My probably-somewhat-distant future. I don’t know the timeline, and I don’t care.

I begin my post-graduate career today, Monday the 12th of September, 2011 at 8 am.

It is amazing to me, when you allow yourself to get out of the way of your path, how things that seem inconsequential and unconnected later demonstrate that they were preparing you for something all along.

A lot of people have asked—yes I will perform for the rest of my life. As I will write and sew and create and dream. But my first priority at this time is to learn and excel in this position. All of my millions of campus activities/jobs have prepared me for this time; this position is exactly what my life needs, exactly when my life needs it.


The newest Admission(s) Counselor


P.S. Did I mention that I get to travel and speak to high schoolers about university?

P.P.S. Did I mention that I get to work on event planning?

P.P.P.S. Did I mention that counselors have memberships? Do you know how excited I get about acronyms and memberships? (And, be still my soul, conferences?!)

6 thoughts on “New York Will Just Have To Wait: Here’s To [Work]Life

  1. Congratulations! You know that while I was supportive of your NY plans I am also very glad you are staying on the West Coast! I know this job will be a good thing for you– I’m proud of you.

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