Time To Get Off That Healthy Me Plateau

Are you familiar with the concept of the exercise plateau? This is where, no matter how much you exercise, or how you diet, you cannot lose weight.

I hit that plateau a while ago.

I also hit a mental plateau. I got busy. I was uncertain of my plans, of my future. I got lazy.

Ballet was over and I didn’t feel like ignoring those sweets.

I didn’t feel like pushing so much for a “Healthy Me”.

I didn’t backslide and gain weight, but my exercise routine certainly died. I would do some weights or some yoga in spurts for about two months, and little else. It actually started when the Rec Center was closed for re-finishing, then for deep cleaning. I couldn’t go in. Then, I hadn’t been going in, and all of that extra time in my day was intoxicating. Things kept coming up to prevent me from trying jazzercise or working out thoroughly at home.

I admit this now, not with shame, but with an acknowledgement that I am human. I know that not everyone can be one hundred percent devoted to health all of the time.

But now, with my new job, I am going to get off of this plateau and move forward. The experts say that it might take your body a while, but eventually the plateau will end. It has no choice. So I have restarted my exercise log (although I designed one that is much more aesthetically pleasing in order to inspire myself to use it). I have a weekly goal of exercise hours. I finally jazzercised and intend to try it again when I get back from my work trip next week. (I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this).

I have also, upon my sister’s recommendation, ordered the barre3 dvd set. (To be fair she said the class was working her, but I can’t go to Seattle to attend the class so I shall make do with the dvd). During the week I will alternate between the gym and class (thank heavens for free gym access as part of my job!), and on the weekends I will use the barre3 dvd.

I know that I will again have to build back up my muscle mass, and will have to adjust to my new working schedule. I am starting out with smaller goals, and will increase them as I become more used to the change.

As always, I will keep you abreast of my progress.

I have maintained a 30 pound weight loss for several months now; I would like to lose another 30 pounds by May. This will average out to a little less than a pound a week. This is doable and healthy, but only if I keep myself reigned in.

As my job involves travel and changing hours with events I know that gym time cannot always be steady. This is fine. This is life.

As a self-appointed spokesperson for women’s (and people’s in general) health, I want you to know that I mess up too. I’m not always as motivated as I would like. I don’t always succeed. This is totally fine. But I always get back up. It just takes time.

I hope that you will continue to “get back up” as well, no matter what you are working on. It’s ok to take time off to regroup, it’s part of the healthy process.

For me, the time to regroup has come to an end, and a new version of the campaign is about to begin.



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