Odiferous Eastern Washington

Eastern Washington stinks. Literally.

It’s not altogether malodorous, but from the pass all the way to the Tri-Cities, the car smelled like it had been dipped in scent.

The scent, for example, of skunks.

Also of cows.

And for a curious stretch of road past Yakima but before Benton City, it smelled most deliciously of waffle cones.

After over five hours on the road I have reached my destination and am delighted to be on my first work trip. My coworkers say that the excitement will fade, the bloom will fade, the tree will whither (ok they only said “by the end of travel season…”) but I refuse to deny myself any and all pleasure to be found in driving hours over the mountain and lugging my suitcase into a room while wearing my big-girl work heels.

There was a lot of fun and wonder on the drive. Like when I was driving in the dark, rounded a corner, and all of a sudden a burst of twinkling lights appeared as I glided past Yakima reminding me of all of the similar trips over the mountain I had taken as a kid to visit family.

There was a little “c’est la vie” —when the accident in Tacoma slowed me down so much that the GPS in the rental car reduced the ETA by five minutes after over a half hour inching through traffic [GPS can be so depressing]. Also when there was construction by my exit in Auburn, adding another fifteen minutes. The kicker, though, was the fact that the previous delays put me at the summit right when the top was closed as a “blast zone” for construction. I actually quite enjoyed that half hour of absolute non-movement; singing along to the radio, taking pictures of myself, twittering and facebooking, and then taking more pictures of myself.


[all the glamour of a traveler–meaning, of course, absolutely none]

[the completely unidentifiable part of the pass I jammed out at for a half hour]

A couple of notes:

1–Putting an “abrupt lane edge end” sign about 200 feet after the abrupt lane edge end is not the wisest of choices

2–Cars that don’t need keys to start are cool…but how do they keep from getting stolen?

3–The lady working the front desk at the hotel is quite nice and efficient, and she likes my shrug

Now a very sleepy employee must drop dramatically into bed as she has work tomorrow!



P.S. Do NOT ruin Glee for me!


One thought on “Odiferous Eastern Washington

  1. I find your thoughts on smells interesting. You know there are tomatoes to pick at the house if you are interrested. Enjoy the sun. Thats the light in the sky you do not see on the west side of the mountains during the day.

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