GPS: Meet My New Book [it’ll do you a world of good]

Finally, the answers I have been looking for are here:

After work today I stopped by Barnes & Noble and above is what was waiting for me in the clearance aisle. I have mentioned my wine predicament before, how I don’t know anything about it and the only red wines I have tried I have hated (resulting in everyone making fun of me for trying blush wines). Many of you know that I really enjoy beer but I don’t know enough about it to order my own at a restaurant.

No longer will these predicaments be mine, because this book is chock-full of useful information. I feel quite the same way I did when Y introduced me to “Cover Letter Magic”–this huge, overwhelming mystery has been solved by someone who intelligently and systematically laid out the answers.


I gave a presentation today, and while it could have been a tad more polished, it was received very well. Also, I got to use a microphone. For ten whole minutes.


Today when I swung by Barnes & Noble on my way back to the hotel the GPS and I had a bit of a tussle. It was trying, very hard, to give me directions to the hotel. I was having none of it as I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble before grabbing dinner. I turned off into the store’s parking lot. The GPS patiently gave me a new route. I went through the parking lot a few times looking for a parking spot. The GPS, terse, rerouted me. I swung around again, spotting an open slot in the difference, and the GPS made an angry noise and then resolutely decided to let me find my own way and refused to talk to me.

I would have paused it if I had known how.

I am hoping that all will be forgiven by tomorrow morning because I need to find my way to a local school. Or, rather, I’d like it to find my way for me. (Please nobody tell it that I have google map directions printed out in my travel binder because I don’t entirely trust it, plus it’s a little “Big Brother” the way it dings exactly when I reach an exit. Creeps me out).

I want to go slip into the pool, but I am debating if it is worth the effort to change and go down the hallway or if I should just do some exercising in my room.

Choices, choices.

Happy Wednesday,



2 thoughts on “GPS: Meet My New Book [it’ll do you a world of good]

  1. 1) I like the looks of your new book
    2) The part about you getting to use a microphone made me laugh
    3) Michelle is letting me borrow her copy of Sextrology– so far I love it!

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