May the Belief of the Force Be With You

This commercial has been around for quite some time, but it never gets old.

Every time I watch it I laugh, I sigh, and I remember how much magic I used to possess.

I still have magic, but it doesn’t always flow as easily as it did as a child.

Growing up teaches a lot, but sometimes growing up also makes you forget.

My absolute favorite moment (other than the failed attempt to start the washer) is when the father uses his remote to start the car, and the mini-vader is shocked. The child is both completely incredulous and completely believing at the same time, and the ability to be wholeheartedly both is something special.

I also love the parents’ corroboration–it is love.

What a wonderful world, that a bit of shiny plastic, imagination, and belief can completely change the way things work. Can make them better.

I hope you find some magic, I definitely needed some today.



P.S. I really don’t like it when people complain about midi-chlorians. I think that it is perfectly understandable that sentient beings would try to explain, to bring the force into a world of thought that they can grasp. And just because there are a few scientific clues that can be monitored by humans (midi-chlorians) that doesn’t mean that they are the end all be all of the thing that is the force. They are just on the edge of perception. Take what’s going on right now with dark matter as an example! Also, the particles that traveled faster than the speed of light. Science is amazing and true, but it is not always the whole story.


Speaking of “children’s” things: I am in love with and dearly desire these two collector Barbie dolls:

Sydney Opera House Barbie:

and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh inspired Barbie Doll:

I love and desire them equally.

Happy October (the absolute best month of the year)!

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