Home, Doll

My mother said something to me while we were at Family Camp to the effect that she loved how wherever I go I make myself at home.

I’m really good at being comfortable, and owning my space.

I had not given her remark much thought until I officially started travel season, hopping hotels night to night and feeling equally at home in all of them.

It’s nice to know that wherever I go, I’ll always be home because I’ll always be me.


Due to some very strange and fate-like circumstances, I may just now be the giddy owner of the yesterday-mentioned Barbie dolls. It’s a very long story that I’m not going to go into right now, but I was destined to own those dolls. I’ve another Etsy plan in mind, you’ll be the first to know if I actually follow through with it. It’s so delightful that I think I may….

Things I like:

The Grey Nail Polish Trend

Unhappy Hipsters:

The Summer’s Eve “Hail to the V” commercial:

(The last two made me laugh out loud.)



P.S. The hotel shampoo does not make my hair smell or feel as nice my shea butter shampoo.

P.P.S. You’d be surprised at how much energy three hours full to bursting with raging teenagers can take.

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