“Party in the [Library]: It’s Your [almost] Birthday

I have come to the conclusion (or, rather, reaffirmed the conclusion) that while I love spending time with friends, I am most definitely not a typical “night life” type of gal. Give me a show, a movie, a sewing machine, or a book and I can party until I drop. I even enjoy sitting and talking with friends at a neighborhood bar. I do not enjoy MTV-esque dance clubs, nights of debauchery, and drunken revelry out on the city streets. I understand the draw, but I don’t personally enjoy.
So, my new motto is: I will definitely make time for all of my friends but when they decide to go on clubbin’ evenings out I will probably stop by redbox or the library and wait for a more lowkey evening. This will be more fun for all, I guarantee.
Golly I sound old. I’ve always thought that my soul is at least 10 years older than my body. Speaking of my age, I was looking at my calendar the other day and was surprised when I noted that my birthday is in a few weeks that I hadn’t been counting down and freaking out about my birthday.
When I get excited about something, I get really excited. I jump up and down mentally, I try to spread my enthusiasm to others,and I kind of glow. No joke. My birthday is usually all of that times 100.
This year, while I am happy, I am not manic. I don’t know if I want to be birthday-mature. Where’s the fun in that?
While driving all over Washington and Oregon for high school visits and college fairs I have been thoroughly enjoying the free audiobook collection available at the Timberland library’s website. Their selection could be better and the browsing function online could could be easier, but the hours go by so much more swiftly with a story. I don’t believe that I have mentioned how much I love public libraries, but I owe them so much.
I was always that girl barely able to make it out the door, weighed down by a stack of books multiple feet tall. Then I would trade it in a week later for a stack just as high. I discovered Austen in the fourth grade, Asimov in the fifth. I became obsessed with Dumas in the sixth. I could hardly believe that such a wonderful place existed, a place of dreams. I could discover something new on every shelf, something just for me. Historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy fiction, anime, graphic novels, classic literature, drama, poetry…all for free. Free.
I truly believe that literacy is the absolute most important staple of any and all society, and that the public library is one of the most important tools in furthering and supporting literacy.
I have paid about ten dollars in overdue fees in the past two years to the library. This is partially because I am so busy that I get very little time to read and I refuse to return materials I have not read, and partially because it is a weird way for me to support the library that educated me. I could just donate money I suppose, and in the future I hope to do so, but for now it is a strange mental trick for me to give money without freaking out about budgeting it. I am so weird about money, I really could care less about having it as long as I can pay my bills.
I say it all the time-those people who say that they hate reading have yet to find the right thing to read, and where better to find something they like than the library? Most of my friends know that I aspire to have a library with a ladder in my home someday. With just over 400 books now I am off to a good start, and with my organizational skills it feels like a library. My book collection is not just a result of my collecting tendencies, it is a way for me to be generous.
Some people accuse me of being selfish (cough, parentals, cough) but the truth is I am very giving and love to be so. I just give things that can’t be quantified on a tax return, that many people don’t recognize as gifts. This is fine with me. The library (and family) taught me how to give quietly, how to give the most important thing: time.
I am still very much enjoying my job (I better be at one month in!) and am racking up the rewards points with all of this travel.

I’m starting to get more excited about being nearly 22. Watch, pretty soon I will be counting down!



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