The Golden-Haired Gypsy

(c) 1997ish?

(The following is an original story written by me somewhere around the 3rd perhaps 4th grade. All spellings, punctuation, and illustrations are as they appeared in the original. Enjoy.)

The Golden-Haired Gypsy

Written & Illistrated By: Emilie Schnabel

In the country of Istamus, a beuatiful princess named Estelle frolicked daily in her palace garden. One day, her father decided to wage war with Astamus. This decision ended her days outside, because her garden was very out in the open. Day after day, Estelle got more and more upset the more she was confined, the more she wanted to escape from her dreadfull palace surroundings.

One day after lessons Estelle had had enough! She devised a plan to get out of the palace. Later that night she climbed out of the window, taking with her A gold chain, and several of her trinkets. She wore a purple gown that went to her ankles, and looked like it had been starched so many times that it would stand by itself.

As Estelle creeped down the street in the village, she saw a sign that the inn had a vancacy. She ran in but just as she did, the room was taken she begged to be allowed into the kitchen to sleep. She was only excepted when she promised him half the gold necklace. Dissapointed at his inhospitality, she settled down for a nights rest. 

The kitchen was the dirtiest, most repugnant place Estelle had ever seen, or smelt! There was slime on the walls, grease on the floor, and the smell of urine reeked from every corner. The next morning Estelle rushed out of that horrible place. Night after night Estelle spent her time in this fashion.  After a month, her money was gone, and she was begging. That night she sat and wondered about life. 

She woke up five hours later, and to her surprise, she had been kidnapped by a group gypsys!

One evening, a prince Rubart from Astimus was traveling in the recently conquered Istamus. As he walked, he saw a gypsy group. Staying in the shadows, he watched with wonder! in the middle of the group was a gypsy, a gypsy with golden hair! She seemed to dance to a music all her own. She had a statly way of dancing, and her posture was so royal, he could have sworn she was a princess!

But how could that be? Of course! Ten 3 yeas ago, a young princess by the name of Estelle dissapeared from her bed. Tied to her window was a rope made out of her bedclothes.

For weeks the prince followed the group from village to village. After a month he decided he must take action. Five years had passed, untill Estelle found herself kidnapped-again. This time, it was by a handsome prince. 

“Why have you stolen me?” inquired the girl.

“I know who you are.” calmly replied Rubart. Estelle’s body stiffened, but she forced herself to relax.

“How so?”

“You are the princess Estelle, of the recently conquered Istamus.”

“How do you know?!” shricked Estelle!

“Your air, your grace. In your sleep one night you shouted, “You must conquer Astimus, Father!” And the only man who ever tried to conquer Astimus was the Λlate King of Istamus.”

“Late!!! But”

“Yes, your father is dead. But so is mine. I am the king of both Istamus and Astimus.”

For months the King and princess traveled back to Istamus. Gradually, the prince King and princess fell in love. When Estelle and Rubart got to Istamus castle, they were married. The whole king dome rejoiced. They lived happily ever after, untill Rubart got kidnapped by evilmonks. But that’s another story. The End.

So I needed to work a bit on my quotation rules, but I have to admit that I am quite tickled by this work of prodigy. After all, I completely skipped kidnapping/possible enslavement by gypsies in order to get to the prince, three-quarters of the story follows the Princess’s strong-female-force rebellion (and lack of judgment–really, was a urine-soaked kitchen the only place she could find to sleep?) and the nebulous timeline is completely engrossing. Fourth grade Inception, here it is.

I’m also impressed that I aced “repugnant” “confined” “urine” “bedclothes” “conquer” “frolicked” and “starched” but I created such doozies as “excepted” (instead of accepted) “beuatiful” “gypsys” “dreadfull” (dreadful, that one!) “statly” “shricked” and, only a Pacific Northwesterner would come up with “king dome” instead of “kingdom”. “Vancacy”, however, I am blaming on slight dyslexia.

As to the illustrations, it is obvious that I learned my anatomy from Barbie dolls. That high kick…

Even then, as now, I was obsessed with maps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this evening’s classic literature, tune in next week for an audiobook of the same title.



2 thoughts on “The Golden-Haired Gypsy

  1. How can I pre-order a signed copy of your new audio discs, “Esther Ann – Demon Destroyer”? I’ll want seasons 1 through 3 immediately.

  2. I will put you on the list. Be forewarned–the wait is about two years right now, since autographed copies are only being released every thousandth one so as to NOT deplete the value.

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