My Multi-Faceted Self

These are the most common false assumptions made about me:

…that because I am artistic I am not logical

…that because I majored in music and theatre I must be terrible at math

…that because I plan to continue in the arts I am doomed to a life of waitressing

…that because I love Broadway I hate all other types of music

…that because I am blonde, bubbly, and large-breasted I am unintelligent

…that because I am overweight I am lazy and unfit

…that because I dress in a stylish, zany way I cannot be practical

…that because I care about my appearance I am shallow

…that because I am female I am weak

…that because I am female my greatest desire is to be wife and mother

…that because I am twenty two I am incapable

…that because I am single I am deficient, miserable, or homosexual

…that because I am not well-traveled I am uncultured

…that because I live at home I am not capable of taking care of myself

…that because I am not currently performing I have given up on the arts

…that because I prefer a quiet night with close friends to dancing at a bar I am no fun

…that because I love beauty I cannot get my hands dirty

…that because I own collector Barbie dolls I have not grown up

…that because I am female I must love children

…that because I am well-spoken I must be prim and snobbish

…that because I am confident I must be loud-mouthed and overbearing

…that because I can change my mind quickly I have no opinions of my own

…that because I love classic literature I cannot love science fiction and fantasy

…that because I value reason and logic I have no freedom

…that because I allow my plans to change when necessary I will never accomplish my goals


I hate the way society judges-one or the either but never both, never more. I hate the way the town I come from, the color of my hair, the shape or size of my body, my interests, my upbringing all constantly, in the eyes of others, confine me to one particular role or another.

All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.

All people share humanity, but human interest does not confine a person to a single definition.

Embrace your multi-faceted self, and stop addressing only one side of me.




2 thoughts on “My Multi-Faceted Self

  1. I love that you have all these very different sides to you, and all are just as important and valuable as the next- the more faces a gem has to it, the shinier it is.

    (I also love the very sexy lady laying at the top of your blog now….she means business.)

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