Vacation is Over

The week and two days off from work I had over Christmas break were brilliant–I ate a lot, accomplished next to nothing, and moved very little. I needed that. I needed to retreat into myself and become slothful, and hibernate. Now, like a bear, I am crawling out of that cave and will use the stored up fat (or rest, in this analogy…and, to be honest, also fat…) to power my way through the rest of the year ready to take on challenges and become the most ferocious me I can be.

Or best.

Don’t mind my terrible and loopy metaphoric babble–I’m in a bit of an exercise high so I cannot be held accountable for what I am saying. Er, typing.

I meant it when I said I intended to slim down some more this year, and so far day one has gone very well. (Today was day one, because it was the first day back at work). Now I only have 361 to go! (Because I like a dramatic finish). I was under my calorie limit, I had a solid workout, and I wrote it all down.

On a completely unrelated sidenote, I was looking at teeth whitening strips today at Target (I’m dabbling) and was quite tickled to make a wonderful discovery. The Crest 3Dwhite product line is on sale (I already use the toothpaste, and, so it matches, the toothbrush) but I had not ventured into the whitening strips. A box of 7 tops and bottoms (one week) is on sale right now for $44.


But the toothbrushes are on sale for right now for $2.99, and with select brushes come a one day set of whitening strips in order to entice you to purchase the box. Are you seeing what I am seeing?

Simply buy 7 toothbrushes for half the price of a box of whitening strips, and get your teeth pearly along with a bonus of 7 amazing toothbrushes! I think I might just go back and do that…

And now, without a single attempt at graceful segue, I will discuss another matter that is dear to my heart: the lack of a single snowflake falling this winter where I live.

I am quite put out.

I mean, the powerful wind and sideways rain on Christmas day was expected, but not even a frozen sparkle? Not once?

I still have hope, because I do remember a couple of years ago when we had that freak May snow at SMU.

Finally, I believe that I will be ready to move out within the next few months (probably when my car payment is finished) so I shall have to research. Any advice, suggestions, openings?



(a resolved-to-get-to-bed-earlier)


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