Of Mermaids and Thigh Highs and Reality TV

I am so delighted at all of the positive reactions to my Sincerelymagazine. It started out as a bit of an, “oh, the cleverness of me” joke, but I feel like it may turn into an actual thing. With a lot more work and possibly pictures of more than just me (the shock! the horror! I know) there may be more issues in the future.

I have had the most delightful week off from work due to MLKday and then four snow days (today being the final). I have created the mag, caught up on Dexter, Project Runway Allstars, read two books, three magazines, started Arrested Development, cleaned, done some sewing, learned how to restring a guitar (accidentally breaking a string in the process meaning that I get to do it again), actually practiced my flute and piano, gotten over the flu, received my brilliant new designer glasses in the mail, watched Miss America 2012, exercised every day, and not been able to go anywhere. This was my car yesterday:

Not leaving the house does not make for much blog fodder, but I am determined to prevail and post anyway.

There have been a lot of people asking me lately why I am not “dating” or telling me I ought to put myself out there and date. Let me be frank–I have no problem with going out on dates with men but I don’t really buy into the whole process of getting those dates. For instance, I don’t have any desire to join an online dating page, or to go troll bars looking for single guys, and I’m not really surrounded by a bevy of interested, mature, and single men in my every day life. So, I have come up with a solution.

Ladies and Gents, get ready for this: I need to be the next Bachelorette! Wouldn’t I be absolutely brilliant on reality tv? My reality platform would be “never dated” and it would be an amazing crash course into the world of dating with years worth of drama condensed into a couple of weeks. Plus, think of the awesome clothing I could wear! It’s perfect! Except for the engagement at the end…and the fact that the whole scheme is kind of skeazy, and the fact that I do not think it works and if I were on the show I’d be doing it ironically and I don’t think they would appreciate that. Well, it was an almost perfect plan.

I will just continue spending my Friday nights reading books and my days off taking photos of myself.

After finding some pics of MiniMe my mother laughed and said, “You and your sister, Emilie, you always know where the camera is”. It is so true, ever since I was old enough to grasp the concept of the photo I have had a sixth sense in detecting when the lens is trained on me. Evidence:

Did you catch the model fierce eyes in some of those photos, and the fashion sense in the others? Glad to know that I am consistent.

For a while I started working to make my fashion sketches more and more realistic, but lately I have eschewed that and have begun to amp up the signature IE cartoon style, and I think this may stick for a while. My drawings are very me, and I am going to celebrate them rather than change them.

Shopping things I am very excited for:

1–The Jason Wu collection for Target: 

2–My “Her Words” Collection notebooks from Compendium, Inc. (my absolute favorite paper/journal company): I already own and have almost filled this one

so I ordered a few more.


3–My Betsey Johnson tights/socks which I ordered from Hautelook:


I will end this rambling post with a happy snapshot of me in my lovely new Vera Wang glasses:



P.S. I am also now obsessed with The Mermaid by Giovanni Segantini (it was shown in the January issue of Marie Claire Magazine) and I want a print of it for my future music room:

2 thoughts on “Of Mermaids and Thigh Highs and Reality TV

  1. First of all, if you were a Bachelorette, I just might watch it, even though I don’t watch that because most reality tv is ridiculous. Also, I tend to share the same sentiments on dating as well– I can’t stand it when people ask me why I’m not dating anyone, as if I should be, and any guy really worth spending time with, I believe, won’t be found on a dating site but in person.

    I love the thigh-highs and your young modeling pictures!

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