Growing Up Is Hard To Do [Announcement]

Dear Readers,

I want to thank you for all you’ve been through with me. Your support, your comments, your anonymous stalker-ish online presences, they have all meant so much to me.

As I continue to grow up, and evolve as an artist, I have to change my blog in order to keep up with me. While I have worked hard in the past to cultivate a clean image and keep my blog an uplifting, inspiring, and most-audiences approved space on the internet, I find that self-editing has, at times, become artistically stifling.

I also feel that my intention to inspire and help women is more valid than ever, and I believe that by not censoring my struggles so much I can be the willing voice/figurehead for a lot of issues that many women feel keenly but are afraid to voice. There will still be much of the same on the blog, but there will also be a bit more of the other side, the struggle. I never want others to be turned off by what I chuckle at as “my preachiness”, and showing that I am not always on the peachy soap-boxy side of life will be a way to defray my own (occasionally off-putting) enthusiasm.

You may notice that there are two new pages above; Plays and Poems. These contain, not surprisingly, bits of work that I have written in their respective categories. If you liked my blog the way it was, I suggest caution in traveling to these new pages. Here, the self-editing is gone. While I have done my best to mark which poems contain profanity I must admit that it will be difficult to put up any other sort of content markers regarding to theme. If you don’t want to see it–don’t click. When it comes to my plays, just assume that there will probably be profanity at some point. [Note: I’ve only included excerpts of plays in order to combat intellectual thievery. If you would like to read the whole thing then email me]. I will add more tabs as I see fit, but I am transitioning to make my blog more of a personal site rather than just a blog. As such, it will include my efforts into all areas of the arts.

As another effort to making my blog more of a personal webpage, I now have a new domain. This site is now and if you would like to email me, you may contact The old address will automatically redirect you to the new address, but if you’ve got me bookmarked please do change the link.

My homepage/blog will still remain mostly user friendly, but don’t be surprised if the topics venture into an occasionally darker territory or let the swears slip. When it comes to my poems, don’t be alarmed that I am sinking into utter lifeless despair–my writing is cathartic in that what I pen out doesn’t stay in to fester.

I hope that you will enjoy the slightly different purpose of this page and stay with me, “angst and swears and all”, but if you need to make your farewell I will understand. I’ll miss you, but I’ll understand.



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