The Arts Make You Smart and Kitchen Shopping

Sitting in my hotel room in San Francisco, mere minutes away from the iconic Bay Bridge, I am a little in awe of my life. Just eight months after graduation I am in a wonderful position with lovely coworkers that takes me to places in the US I have never been, allows me to meet young students at one of the most exciting points in their life, and allows me to also pursue writing, music in my spare time, and to expand my position as I need more to do. As a student I was constantly asked by relatives, tourees, peers, strangers, administrators, and casual acquaintances the most aggravating question, “What are you going to do with a degree in music and theatre?” I would smile demurely, refrain from rolling my eyes or huffing in disgust, and give some sort of pageant-worthy response. What I wanted to say was, “whatever I want to do.”

Studies constantly show that music helps students in all other areas of school, and I cannot begin to recount for you all of the ways in which my double-majors have prepared me for the workforce. Public speaking, interview skills, discipline, response to critique, a thick skin for rejection, an unsinkable drive, critical organizational skills, communication with all sorts of people, critical thinking, adaptability, calm under pressure, the list goes on and on and on. I would wager to say that my majors may have better prepared me for most positions (other than technical) than many others.

I’ve spoken before of how I would love to teach in the arts, and this idea continues to gain momentum in my mind. I want to give the gift of the arts to as many people as I can. I want to nurture new artists, inspire them, and help spread the message that no matter what you do for money, the arts will help you do it better. It is my life goal to demonstrate the viability of a liberal arts education. That being said, I am on the verge of something very exciting.

Whether my current prospect works out or not, I am planning on being out of my parents’ house by April. I was searching for a roommate, but I think that I would prefer to live on my own. I realize that for some people the price would not be worth it, but for me it is. Some of my friends would spend the extra couple hundred of dollars on tech, or on voice lessons, or on outings with friends, or on clothing, or on travel. I consider the extra money an investment in my future. I plan to spend my time being a hermit (with occasional forays into society just so no one files a missing persons report) and developing my playwriting portfolio, instruments, and teaching beginning music lessons if I can find the students.

Doesn’t that just sound dreamy?

Now to the fun part!

In preparation for being on my own, I spent a little bit of money getting some kitchen tools I need. Yes, after about a decade of longing and lusting, I finally have a Kitchenaid Artisan mixer of my very own. Thanks to a colleague at work, I was pointed to a sale online at Kohls. $100 off, plus 20% off everything on sale, plus a $30 mail-in rebate, plus $50 Kohl’s cash. If you count all of those discounts, my $400 mixer cost less than $200.

Then I used the $50 Kohl’s cash to buy a beautiful set of Food Network glasses, which after taxes cost me $1.49. A set of eight drinking glasses and eight rocks glasses should be arriving at my home tomorrow.

[Apparently the exact set is no longer available but here is a similar glass. Mine is completely clear and smooth, and comes in tall and small.]

Of course, I had to have a matching plate set! (From, apparently the same dishes they use on Chopped.) An eight person collection–each set is comprised of a plate, a salad plate, a bowl, and a mug.

And to complete my place settings, I went to Ross and purchased a Pfaltzgraft set of silverware. Fork, salad fork, spoon, and knife for each place setting, plus a hostess set of five serving utensils.

But what if I needed a knife stronger than a butter knife? Ross came through again with some beautiful one-piece steak knives.

Once I finally do move out, I will have to throw dinner parties every once in a while to show off my cutlery and plating before scurrying back into my well-lit artist’s retreat.

I am also hunting right now for an organization I can volunteer for. I am looking for an organization that promotes respect for women. I would love to do some volunteer work for the Women’s History Museum project that Meryl Streep is the face of, but I’m currently on the wrong US coast. Eventually I’d love to start my own positive-body-image/health-centered organization, as I am having trouble finding just what I am looking for. I don’t have the concentration for that at the moment—my energies are going into my plays—so I will try to do something with an existing group.

I’d blame the lack of structure in this post on travel fatigue, but to be honest I love the liberty of spewing my thoughts out to the internet on my own webpage. It is rather empowering, and I recommend it to everyone. [I need to interrupt this post to comment on a Google Chrome ad I just saw all about how the web is what you make it. This is so my philosophy on life—make it yours and use the tools available to you. This is why I am thrilled to be the new Social Media Coordinator for Admissions. It is going to be so much work but I cannot wait to begin.]

I shall leave you now so that I can prepare for my school visits tomorrow, and I challenge you to do something meaningful this week.



7 thoughts on “The Arts Make You Smart and Kitchen Shopping

  1. Oh, and a big yes to that whole the arts make you smart thing…It makes me all smirky that I graduated with a B.A. in music, then proceeded to get two rather good jobs in six months, in this economy. Take that naysayers!!!

  2. I am in love with your kitchen pieces!! Hopefully someday I can come up and visit you in your own home and eat meals off of your dishware (don’t worry, I will be sure to wash my own dishes!).

    Good for you for making the moves to move out, I actually set a similar goal for myself, and wondered who I would room with, but I think I want to have my own place without any roommates first as well. I may be moving out closer to May, but I am definitely looking forward to setting up my own livingspace!

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