I am sitting in the SFO airport writing this blog post on my phone because the small acer I borrowed from my coworker for this trip refuses to connect to the internet. Ah, the glamor of travel!

At some schools, recruiting and application processing are separate jobs performed by two different individuals. Saint Martin’s takes the other approach–the representatives that go out on the road are the same who handle the application process back in the office. This is how I ended up spending the last week getting to know the Greater Bay Area and the high schools that call it home.

Here are some numbers from my trip:

15      high school career counselors
40      students
1        week
2        driving firsts (Toll bridges and U-turns)
1900  approximate miles traveled
34      pounds my bag full of SMU brochures weighed

This week of high school visits was very succesful, I had the opportunity to bring awareness about SMU to schools all around the Bay Area, and I also received a crash course on navigating San Francisco. When I return in the fall I will be prepared for the traffic, the tolls, and for the sheer number of schools in the area.

I would be remiss if I said that our trips are all work and no play–after the high schools closed down for the day I was able to catch the last boat out to Alcatraz island yesterday evening. I’ve always wanted to visit the prison island, mostly because it reminds me of The Count of Monte Cristo. I suppose Al Capone would be the draw for most tourists…

My flight does not depart for another couple of hours so I think I will wander over to the gift shop to find silly prizes for the winners of the office pool (we counselors have an ongoing friendly bet on how much our bags will weigh).

–Emilie Schnabel

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