“Live Inspired”: Sharing the Compendium Love [GIVEAWAY]

I fell in love quickly and it only took a glance. There, on a shelf in the same boutique that sold me my robot measuring cups, was the world’s most perfect journal. Sleek pages, eco-friendly printing, and lines just waiting to be filled beckoned me and drew me into a purchase I hadn’t planned. That’s how it started that summer, with one innocent journal. As the book began to fill I began to look for a replacement, and was surprised to find that its replacement, and each subsequent one, had the same name printed in the back cover: Compendium, Inc.

Since then I have unabashedly supported them online, posting photos of their products, pinning them, mentioning them to friends, and giving their products as gifts to not only support a local company but to share something I love. Like I do.

Well, thanks to Compendium, Inc. and some savvy customer relations on their end, I have been given the opportunity to continue to spread the Compendium love.

In case you have not guessed, this is indeed my little blog’s very firstΒ giveaway.

I pinned some Compendium goodies on my Pinterest board, then repinned one of theirs, and all of a sudden they messaged me offering two free notebooks, one for me and one to give. I squealed I was so delighted.

So if you are interested in this delightful notebook:

Here’s how you can enter:

You have one week [until 12pm PST next Tuesday the 17th] to comment below with your favorite quote and some way for me to reach you. The winner will be randomly selected from the comments.

Despite the marketing smarts, I hate giveaways that have multiple ways to enter or caveats so I will not subject you to that. What I will do is encourage you to check out Compendium, Inc’s Pinterest board because it’s pretty and there are a lot of great quotes and artwork, and if you like the notebook above you will like the other products they feature. (Hint: if you like those green greeting cards featuring gorgeous wildlife and other goodies that pepper the PNW, you like Compendium, Inc.)

Best of luck to all, and someday soon you will see photos of my new place.

Soon being completely dependent on how long it takes me to put things away.



13 thoughts on ““Live Inspired”: Sharing the Compendium Love [GIVEAWAY]

  1. I have so many favorites, but:

    β€œThe soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”
    -Emily Dickinson

    I’ll just be on your couch sipping plum tea, watching you put your things away…

  2. I’ll have to really think about this, because all the quotes I have ready right now aren’t really appropriate for this….. πŸ˜‰

  3. Alright emilie you said fav quote but didn’t specify a types so I’m going to go with fav tv quote “you are you and I am I and if in the end we’re together its beautiful” -tapanga boy meets world and ill go with one of my many fav book quotes “what you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful” – uglies by scott westerfeld

  4. “You don’t have to change to love my son, loving my son will change YOU” -Mary, Our Lady of Magigoria

    You can find me roaming SMU on Tuesdays and Thursdays πŸ™‚

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