One Year Later

So here it is folks, one year has officially passed since I graduated from college and I find myself wondering, where on earth did that last year go? What have I accomplished? Anything?

While nothing too dramatic has occurred, this last year has actually been very important for me.

I’ve discovered that I’m really good with people, that I like spreadsheets, and that while I like my job I’m dying to be involved in the teaching side of higher education. Also, being in one room all day long is really hard.

I took a break from music for several months. After all of the effort, emotional duress, and mixed results I needed to space myself from what was so wholly consuming. I did learn a lot in the distance. Most importantly, I learned that I still absolutely love music, and that it will always be an important and prominent part of my life. Sometimes a little bit of distance can help us separate our true feelings from what is circumstantial. I’ve been diving back in and I could not be happier.

I have visited several new places–Reno, Las Vegas, Honolulu, parts of Oregon I never knew existed, and I was able to visit family and reconnect with so many wonderful friends from high school.

I grew up a lot.

I moved out, I bought a car, I started paying all my own bills (all my own bills) I began writing poetry again. I even mow the lawn.

My goals are becoming more clear to me every moment and while the road to them is extremely difficult I can only fail if I do not try. Speaking of not trying, I’ve also realized that I can easily be derailed when I don’t watch myself. It’s those artsy ups and downs.

I cannot promise I will blog more frequently. I cannot promise that my posts will intrigue you or inspire you or even not bore you.

What I can continue to promise you, as I always have, is that my blogging will follow my growth and stagnation and all of those ups and downs even when they often lead to contradictions. I can’t help it.

As always,



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