New Inspirations

A while go I eschewed my “skinny obsession” and I stand firm in that declaration. Here’s the confusing part: I am still trying to lose weight. Why? My BMI still falls over the overweight line by a couple points. I have brought it far down from the “obese” categorization, but for my heart, health, singing, and wellness I want to be well into the “healthy” category. I love my body, I really truly do. I am also not quite done with it yet. My new body inspiration is the lovely Megan Hilty:

Megan is currently starring in SMASH, but I knew her as the “local” girl who made it big on Broadway as Glinda in Wicked alongside Shoshana Bean’s Elphaba. [I need to interject here–remember many moons ago when Shoshana responded to my tweet and I was delighted? Well…hold your breath…because we had a twitter interaction again.  The little claims to fame in life]

Back to Megan–She is curvy, healthy, and gorgeous. Sure she’s possibly skinnier than I will be, but that is not the point at all.

So now my goal (which has been successful for a couple of weeks) is to work out for an hour a day six days a week. This goal is very happily not tied to a weight, but is attainable and related only to health. Hurrah! My thighs are aching a little from all of the lunge-walking my coworker made me do today after another coworker and I asked him to help us. We may be regretting this decision…

I was also given a squishy seat for my lovely bike so when the downpour ceases I can ride joyfully and a little less painfully.

In other news: 1–I made a dentist appointment hurrah! 2–I made a giant mess in my living room creating a collage for my wall. I finally understand why my parents didn’t particularly enjoy my creative endeavors inside… 3–A new issue of Sincerely,Magazine is on its way!!!


I pour out words to you, my mostly unknown audience, and I ask for little in return except your time. Today I want to spend the end of my post to shift the focus just a tiny bit, and extend an opportunity for you to give back if you like.

I have never participated in an event like this before, and while it is nothing new or exciting I believe that it is vitally important. I have joined a team for the June 22nd Relay for Life event in Shelton captained by my friend and her family. Cancer has been brought to the forefront of my attention over the past year due to a variety of reasons, and I would like to at least give those influenced by it a little bit of my support.

So here we go: If you’d like to donate to Relay for Life through my name you can do so by searching for my name here. I also put a link up on my Facebook page.

That’s it, that’s all I am going to ask. If you can’t give money, show up to the event to support the walkers. If you can’t show up, send us your thoughts, poems, and prayers.

I will be uploading photos and stories after the event.




3 thoughts on “New Inspirations

  1. BMI is not a reliable measurement for a healthy weight… everyone has their own healthy set-point weight, and it is influenced by variables that the BMI calculation can’t measure.

    • I recognize that–I have always had a high muscle and bone density mass that isn’t taken into account.
      Hence why my main goal right now is just quantity of exercise. I really don’t know what weight or number I am going to or want to end at.
      Bodies are weird.
      Do you find out “set-point” from experience or through other measurements?

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