Interior Decorating, Hole Punching, and Writing

I’ve been feeling somewhat impetuous and unsettled lately. I tried to funnel this energy into being productive, so I did a little bit of work decorating my living room. I sacrificed a large chunk of my finger to tissue flowers, and I bought sheer curtains for the windows. While I still have a bit left to do to two of the walls I am very happy with the results so far:

Ignore the crafting mess on the table….

Also, that sign above my bar started out as a simple cardboard box:

Which I then slathered in chalkboard paint:

And finally hung it on the wall with a ribbon and two sticky hooks.

I still have a lot of work to do, and I have barely even begun on the back rooms, but I am feeling quite good about the progress I have made.

I had been wanting to get my tragus pierced for about a year, and kept putting it off. Yesterday I felt like it needed to happen soon and today while at the mall I walked into Metro and had it done. I love it!

It is 19 days until the Shelton Relay for Life [you may donate here šŸ˜‰ if you feel so inclined] so I had better start planning my costume.

Finally, I shall leave you with a little thing I wrote the other evening:

Eyes drooping my pen pauses–

I know I shall quickly fade.

What words are the best words

to squeeze out before unconsciousness

takes hold?

In this moment all goes blank

and I find the only words

are epithets.

It’s a losing gamble to be sure

but maybe next time

maybe tomorrow

my words will be important.



2 thoughts on “Interior Decorating, Hole Punching, and Writing

  1. YAYAYAYA! Pictures! Hahaha, I like what I see so far! And I frackin LOVE LOVE LOVE your elephant! An elephant with the trunk lifted is good luck, and remember to face him East šŸ™‚

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