Sometimes I DIY

I’ve been making a mess on my living room table lately with glitter, magazine pages, clear nail polish, and glue. All done over newspaper of course to prevent harming the table, but I’ve got quite the crafting mess!

I decided to buy switch plate covers to decorate as an inexpensive and non-permanent way to decorate my place. They were fairly quick, can be changed at any time, and will leave no trace behind when I eventually move to another place!

[The switch plate by my front door, the last thing I see on my way out in the morning]

[The switch plate by my bar. Tee hee.]

[The switch plate over the baking goods in my kitchen]

[The switch plate in my hallway]

[The double plate in my bathroom]

[The switch plate in my music/writing/crafting/sewing room]

[The switch plate in my bedroom, the last one I see at night]

If I were to do it again I would be more patient and allow them to dry completely before installing them to avoid tearing the paper. I would also double check that they were the same exact size as the covers I took off…but I had little patience and all in all I am very happy with the personal result around every corner.

I used old fashion magazines.

Then I took an idea I saw on Pinterest to glitter my spare keys:

I believe the Pinterest post I saw suggested Mod Podge or Elmer’s glue for the top coat, but I actually did this with Martha Stewart glitter and then clear nail polish. It has a hard finish and won’t dissolve in the rain. Again I should have been more patient so the glitter job could be more perfect but I’m pleased with the result.

So there you have it, sometimes I like to make things.



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