Oh, Lola!

[I interrupt my regular prattling on to share with you a beauty product recommendation of sorts]

You may remember the first time I gushed about Lola Cosmetics when I received a tube of their dreamy Ultra-Drench Lipstick in Ambrosia as a perk with a dvd I ordered from bookperk.com [Refresh your memory here by re-reading “Zinfandel, Lip Drench, Cover Up, and Family Letters” I just read it too, and giggled because it was over a year ago and was when I was just starting to buy expensive (read: quality) makeup]. At that time I liked their FB page and spent a fair amount of time drooling over their luxe beauty products. I haven’t yet gotten around to buying any of their other products (see: student loans, rent, and car insurance) but once in a while I like to window shop around their site and drool over lipsticks and face products and eye shadows that I long to try out…

Now, this is the cue for my mother to roll her eyes and say, “you stinker!” because I have just received in the mail a gorgeous tube of their Lipstick in “After Party” red…for free.

I happened to check in on their FB page at the right time the other day when they were running a contest for a free Lola product of their choice. All I had to do was run on over to their gorgeous website and count how many shades of red were in their lipstick collection, figure out the difference between their mascaras and be within the first ten correct responses. Talk about a sweet deal!

If you’ve seen my purse or my medicine cabinet you probably know that I am obsessed with lip colors, so naturally I requested a lipstick. I don’t have a really good red anymore so when I saw the shade “After Party” I knew it was meant to be mine.

I was very excited to see it in my mailbox today:

When I ripped it open I discovered a bonus sample:

Which contained some bonus samples:

Want to know something cool? That lipstick has a spring-action mirror in the top of the lid!

“There’s a little Lola in every woman”:

After squealing with delight over the beautiful packaging I had to try it on:

[It’s a lot harder to take an attractive photo of yourself while holding up a lipstick tube than you’d think. Don’t believe me? Try it.]

I noticed immediately that it went on very smoothly, just like the Ultra-Drench I already have. It didn’t feel quite as shiny as the Ultra-Drench, but definitely still full of moisture. The color was a little brighter than the solid stick and online swatch indicated, but I love the way it looks on my lips even more than the slightly deeper shade I saw online. I’m sure this changes a bit with the user’s natural lip color.

The color was so glam I felt the need for a mini makeover and wardrobe change before taking some more photos:

[I like it]

[No, wait, I LOVE it]

[Whoa…play it cool, Emilie…]

And finally, I felt like livening up my FB page with some indie photoshopping:

While I’ve only been wearing it for about two hours, if it holds up like my other Lola lipstick then this tube promises to be very long lasting and has already proved to be very smudge-proof.

Is it worth throwing down $20 for a tube?

With the feel, the superb saturation, and the durability of both the pigmentation and texture I definitely say YES.



2 thoughts on “Oh, Lola!

  1. Oh yes it’s worth $20 a tube! Look how awesome you look! 🙂 I love Lola products! I’ve used their powder brush for years… actually I should probably buy a new one… that’s kind of gross! 😉

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