Simple Accomplishments

Tonight I’m breaking all the rules…

And by rules I mean the fact that I should have been in bed quite a while ago, (9:45pm) but The Glee Project is having buffering issues and I am determined to finish this episode tonight. What else are Friday mornings for, but to be sleep-deprived because you know you can always sleep on Saturdays?

Also, I never got around to buying eggs…

I would like you all to celebrate with me because since I last wrote (gushed) about my Lola freebies, I have made significant progress on  my home and life. In no particular order are my recent accomplishments:

–I organized and finished unpacking ALL of my rooms so my entire place is functional

–I made a chalkboard paint label on a bin for my inside recycling

–I joined a gym! And worked out there for the first time!

–I opened an account at the credit union so I can quit my fee-full bank!

–I replaced my old mascara

–I got some great new writing ideas

–I got my payment plan changed on my loan like I’ve been meaning to do for months!!

–My coworker and I went in for a minifridge in our office so we’d have room for our lunches and snacks

–I clarified some goals and decluttered some  brain space

–I made a great new smoothie recipe!

–I’ve started getting up at 5:30 am

I’m becoming so comfortable, here in my “own” home and living my own life.

So, before you jump in, let me answer some FAQs:

1–Why did you get a gym membership when you have access to the Rec Center for free?

A: Well…I didn’t go very often. At the end of the work day I just wanted to go home, and I didn’t want to go that “far” back into town. Thrive is right down the street. My gym has better hours, more classes, and isn’t chock full of students. And individual tvs for each machine! Now that I’m not a student, it feels a little strange still going to the Rec Center. I also think I’m more likely to go regularly if I’m paying for it…My fitness goal right now is simple: work out five days a week. I think that’s more sustainable for me right now than six.

2–Why are you getting up at 5:30?

A: Well…I was tired of how short the day was. I was late, I would rush around in a frenzy and into work without settling my brain and then I would get home from work drained and unable to really work on my writing and without much energy. Since starting I’ve had some yawns, but the difference I feel being able to eat and get ready calmly and journal and sit in peace more than makes up for it. I’d love to scale that back to 5am eventually, but I won’t think about that for a while.

So this is me dropping a line and saying “I’m alive and well, really!”



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