Content to be Happy.

Sitting in a stainless steel patio chair at the local Starbucks, moving unconsciously to the acoustic Indie music usually playing, and working on my writing is my new favorite Sunday pastime. I make sure to layer on the spf 70 especially with the weather we’ve been having lately, but I have come to love the weekend–perhaps obsessively.

I’ve also rediscovered the morning. Not as consistently as I would like, but waking up at 5:30am and then having hours to get ready, to journal in the corner with the sun beaming through my blinds, and to actually eat a sit down breakfast while sipping on homemade coffee is making the weekdays very pleasant. I also learned that stores aren’t just open whenever I want them to be. For instance, only a couple of stores are open at 7am. This confuses me, as I often need to procure things at 7am. I learned this the hard way one early morning driving around from place to place being greeted with “I’m sorry, we’re closed” signs for a good 45 minutes.

My full-length play, thanks to those writing sessions at the coffee shop, has made a lot of headway. It has some cleaning and clarifying to do, but I feel confident that it will be ready to submit when I need to.

I’ve been trying a sample of Urban Decay’s new Naked Foundation and I am in love. I’d used my NARS for about eight months, but I found it started to melt just a tad in all of this heat we’re having, and at times began to feel a little weighty. The Naked is less of a matte finish, and when I get hot and sweaty it does too, but then it somehow manages to stay on. So I just look sweaty, not sweaty and melty. It feels very lightweight and covers surprisingly well. I will probably invest in a full bottle soon.

I cannot find the words to describe how much I love my little home. With my couches and books, my kitchenaid and keyboard, and even my dumb lawn that refuses to quit growing–I am happy. I should probably get out more, and have others around more (I’m not complaining but I will observe that social outings are harder to come by as a single person) so I am working on that.

I’m working on my 1hr 5 days a week workout goal and trying to follow all the steps in Zumba. I’m looking forward to the travel season resuming at work, with this year being different as I’ll be staying in Washington instead of traveling to a bunch of different states. I want to be in a show. I want to keep growing my hair back out (it really is getting long but I need another five inches or so for my “underboob” goal). I want to listen to my jams (FUN, Taylor Swift’s latest single, Of Monsters and Men, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Angels and Airwaves) and mostly I want to keep learning and growing.

And I should stop subscribing to magazines…


And I really should write an interesting, structured and engaging blog post.


For now I’m content to make myself some peppermint tea and read my novel.



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