On work: The travel cycle has officially kicked off again and while I will be a lot closer to home this fall, I’m still going to be logging quite a few miles on the road. It’s nice. At the end of last travel season I was tired and exhausted and ready to just be home for a while. Then, about halfway through the summer, I was bored out of my gourd and raring to get going again. Sure, I had file review and a lot of extra work in the office but I was getting a little tired of the same room each day. Looking back I’ve always been this way. I really like change. I think I’ve always been so busy and involved with so many different activities because I really prefer to mix things up frequently. I prefer finite goals that I can work toward, accomplish and then move on to the next one (rather than constantly obsessing about the big picture). While I was in school I was always ready when the school year or term ended but about a month later I was longing for the school year to begin again. So, lucky me, it’s recruitment time! I’m sure I’ll be just as happy to slink back to my office in December as I was last year, but for now I’m happy to be out and about.

On leisure:I spend a lot of time watching tv on the internet while doing other things, but since I don’t actually have a tv I only get the few commercials that cycle through on hulu+. I see those specific commercials a lot! Is anybody else as annoyed as me at that Verizon commercial where a man shows graphs allegedly comparing 4G coverage of multiple phone carriers to a focus group, and then asks those people which carrier they would choose as based on the graphs? Everyone in the focus group giggles and then chooses Verizon because the Verizon bar is much higher than any of the other carriers’ bars on the bar graphs. It’s a good thing I wasn’t a member of their “focus groups” because I would have refused to make a choice. You see, on all of those charts they did not label their Y axis! The numbers on the X axis are meaningless! The same 400-whatever number that is supposed to show that Verizon has the most 4G coverage could be the number of dropped calls per minute as far as I’m concerned. The commercial is successful because it banks on the assumptions that home viewers will make as to the meaning of the data.

I’ve joined an online book club with some friends and so far it has been really fun. Some members are more active than others *coughdoyourupdatescough*, but it has been an interesting experience for me reading a book in pieces rather than plowing through in one sitting. We have a whole year planned out and we cover one book a month. That book is broken into four parts and at the end of each week each member is supposed to upload a post about that section to our Ladies of Literature *giggle* blog. At the end of the month we will chat about the book using a google+ hangout since we live in four different cities. The initial google+ hangout was really cool and I’m excited to keep going.

I won a ticket to the annual Home and Garden show hosted at SMU so on Sunday a friend (who also won a ticket) and I attended. I had such a great time, and even though I’m a renter there were still a few booths that offered services I could take advantage of. There is a farm that will deliver dairy products to my door in a cute insulated metal box, so I am letting my friend try that out before I commit. I probably will sign up for it though. I’m also considering this H20 only cleaning company’s products, but again am letting my friend take the plunge first. Their laundry ball and microfiber cloths did look fun!

I did purchase two plug-in Scentsys, one for my kitchen and one for my bathroom. Since I already had a full-sized warmer in my living room and a plug-in in my bedroom, all I need is one more scentsy for my music/sewing room! I used to be addicted to candles but ever since living in a residence hall I’ve come to really appreciate the flameless wax warmers. No risk of burning my place down if I want to leave it on and no smoky residue on containers.

On fall: I don’t understand how it got to be fall again so quickly. I received an email in my inbox today telling me that my auto policy restarts in October so I need to read my agreement documents. I sat there for a good ten minutes trying to figure out why I needed to read the documents since October is ages away? I mean, intellectually I know that it is mid-September, but the whole “fall-ness” of it didn’t sink in until today. October epitomizes fall for me and I just love fall.
-Each fall I get really excited about the Pumpkin Spice latte, I buy one, and remember that it’s too sweet for me to drink anything larger than a 12 oz. (Yummy harvest drink adult alternative: hornsby’s with fireball).
-Fall is the time for layering scarves and jackets and boots! Hurrah!
-October is the time for falling leaves! Even though we have mostly pine needles that are evergreen! But that’s not the point!

On what happens in October aka my birthday aka I’m psyched aka it’s almost Christmas!: You know me, you know I’m obsessed with my birthday. This year it is on a Saturday and I am turning 23. Growing up (thanks to the authors I read) I thought 17 was when you fell in love, 21 was when you were getting married, and your life was essentially established at 23. Oops…I think 30 might be the new 17 these days… I don’t know what I’m going to do to celebrate yet, but I want it to be fun and cooky and probably during the day (drunken nightly revelries–not what I’m envisioning). So mark your calendars!

On aka it’s almost Christmas: Did I mention it’s almost Christmas? This year I can have my OWN CHRISTMAS TREE and my OWN CHRISTMAS LETTER and MY OWN CHRISTMAS PARTY (before, of course, going home for Christmas day. I’m invited, right?). I need to start making decorations and ornaments…

Alright, dear friends, I recognize my blog is boring and pointless and erratic these days. But you know what? If I was a celebrity you’d be eating it up. That’s how I feel about my entire life–my fashion, my passions, my personality: if I was a celebrity you’d think I was perfectly normal and totally cool.

Too bad I’m not…


P.S. If you don’t already have it, go download Theatre is Evil by Amanda Palmer. You can get it for as little as FREE on her website, but I recommend the $5 deluxe version, most of my favorite songs are on the B side.


2 thoughts on “Notes

  1. I was googling verizon’s bar graph commercial and it brought me here. I AM SO GLAD that you are upset about them for the same reason I am! They are so misleading! Those numbers mean absolutely nothing.

    • Glad you stumbled over here! I am always interested in good marketing, but the verizon commercials are designed in a way to trick people into thinking they have data to back up their claims. Seems to cross a bit of a line for me.

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