Let’s Fall

When my landlord picked up my rent check this month she said something ominous to the effect of “you haven’t been through a winter here yet”. I recognize that last year was a particularly dramatic winter in the area, but I’ve gotta say…it’s Olympia, folks. How hard of a winter could it be?

I refuse to look on the changing seasons with trepidation and welcome them instead, as I always have, with open arms. Why just this afternoon I switched the scent in my living room scentsy to “Christmas Cottage”. A touch of spice, a hint of sweet and suddenly I am painting pumpkins, making fall arrangements for my table and hanging red and golden wreathes in my living room. I even admit that I’ve been considering turning on a christmas song or two and dancing around while drinking hot cider. Ok, ok I’m a bit ahead of the season. But behind the merchandise in the stores, so that’s got to count for something, right?

I recently had to undergo an unfortunate and involuntary change to my personal life–my beloved phone (which I had idiotically not paid the $5 insurance premium for) took a nose-dive out of my jacket pocket while I was scurrying to the restroom during a showing of Pitch Perfect (go see that movie now, and take me with you because I’d love to watch it again) and refused to be recovered by the theatre or mall employees. After a few casual drop-ins at the theatre asking about my phone (the first of which I had to carefully extract myself from because turns out I walked in a half hour too early when the only thing playing was Mars Hill and everyone in the lobby thought I was there to go to virtual church with them), a painful two-day resurrection of my older dumb phone and phone calls to mall security I decided that my old cell was history and it was time for a new one. So here I am with a new smart phone and minus $100, but able to contact people and not freak out from touch-screen and navigation withdrawal. As a side note–if I got your phone number within the last year, you’re going to have to give it to me again because apparently only my older contacts were backed up.

I’m currently watching When Harry Met Sally (and I love it so far, so much that I might tackle Sleepless in Seattle as next on my list of modern classic romances that I missed out on growing up) and waiting for my hideous painting to dry so I can add the next layer to it. I need artwork for over my living room couch but I’m too cheap to pay for it, so instead I am making a hideous painting. I may go thrift shopping tomorrow in search of something not so hideous, but I will let you know.

Is it possible, can it be, that I am happy? I think I must admit that it is so. Do I long for more challenges, for a change of scenery, and another plan? Yes, sometimes. No worries, I’ll fill you in when I have updates 😉 But for this next year I am going to make the most of my PNW experience, because golly it is gorgeous here! I’ve taken a huge step lately in order to insure optimum success as a single dweller: I’ve started grocery shopping in the Trader Joe’s frozen aisle for the week leaving cooking for the weekend when it’s fun and relaxing, thereby saving me valuable time during the week and saving a lot of money on eating out. Right? Right.

I have been talking, ever since I moved in, about having a get together at my place but seven months later I think I have had a grand total of 9 people over, counting my family when they helped me move in. Mark my words–there WILL BE a Christmas party. With cider, and crafts and a tree and games and presents. I just have to pick a day…

Thanks for being so understanding with my erratic postings, and look forward to a lot more holiday cheer. Now I just need to go buy some Christmas movies.

a festive

P.S. If anyone has a surplus tea kettle please let me know as I burned mine up a couple of months ago.

P.P.S. I highly recommend the Oly mall Aveda salon. I have half-bangs again!

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