Red Cups Came Out Today

Somehow, and coming as a complete surprise to me, it is now November. You think I’d have put the pieces together, that the day after Halloween is the beginning of a new month, and yet this morning you could find me exclaiming quite loudly and in utter shock that “it’s November today!” You should have seen me around 2:00pm when I also discovered that it was Thursday, almost Friday, and not Tuesday as I had mistakenly believed all day. Was I unprepared for October’s end? Was I simply too zonked out to register the passing time and changing seasons?

I suppose I simply lost track of the days since travel season started. There is no such thing as steady office hours or work weeks during the fall for me. Somewhere along the line the high schools start to blend together and then the cities and then apparently the days and months.

But who cares? Because you know what happened today? Red cups came out at Starbucks. It became socially acceptable for me to start actually planning my Christmas decorations. I have money in my bank account. So what if I don’t remember most of October (my usually favorite month)? Maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually enjoy November this year. I mean I know I view it as the odious thing I have to get over in order to reach December (which is also usually my favorite month) but this time I am going to make a concerted effort to enjoy it. I know, I’ll just pretend like it’s an extra-long extension of December!! Genius.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading books lately. I’ve this online book club that I’m really enjoying so I’ve been reading books through that. Then I have recommendations from friends, lent books, series… Occasionally I’ll have a moment where I feel guilty for how many hours I spend reading but then I realize how much reading inspires me, the vocabulary it has taught me, and all the things I’ve learned. Reading should never be equated with guilt or looked on as a waste of time. Feeding the mind can only lead to giving back with creative or grand or at least interesting ideas. Or at the very least amusing.

As a final update, dear friends, I feel obliged to report that I have recently acquired gold sparkly nail polish. It’s possible I may wear it all month long.

Run along now, I’ve got some leftover Halloween candy to eat and some pages to read before tucking in.


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