Lying there on my side in the squishy mud, sap coating my hands and jeans soaked clear through I had a realization–I am self-sufficient. My hair was filled with pine needles, my nails encrusted with dirt, but by golly I could go, cut myself my own Christmas tree and then take it home in my hatchback. It would have been easier and cleaner had I had someone else there to help me saw, but I’ve never been one to take the easy route.

When I hauled that felled tree over to the register I had a huge grin on my face. It had finally sunk in–I am an adult. I am a functioning, independent, happy adult and I haven’t given up on my dreams. I bide my time–patience I know–but in the end I know I will be successful and fulfilled, doing what I want. I’m no longer waiting for life to begin, I’m actively living it. Personally, I think everyone should experience cutting a Christmas tree down by themselves on the edge of a rainstorm. It’ll do a world of good.

I really think everyone should take some time to get to know themselves. Whether that means living alone or taking an extended road trip or starting to journal or just staying single for a month longer than usual, everyone should know that they can take care of themselves. Then, even when they don’t have to, they know they can.


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