Inspiration is Cyclical

Even in those tiny moments, when you think that no one sees, your actions ripple out around you and effect change.

In 2010 and 2011 I blogged frequently about my weight-loss goals and journey. Since then I have had conversations with several women who have also made great steps and begun to lose weight and incorporate fitness into their lives–many of whom told me that my public journey and results helped inspire them to take those steps. I cannot begin to explain how happy these conversations made me; these women have taken personal steps to being healthy and somehow my chronicling supported them along the way. There have been many times when I have sort of chuckled at myself, writing this silly little blog, thinking that I take myself a too seriously and no one else really cares. And then I see women living better lives, not because of, but helped by my journey and I realize that everything matters.

Inspiration is cyclical, because these women are in turn inspiring me. I haven’t said a lot about health (or much of anything) lately because I’ve been locked in my home every spare moment writing and rewriting portfolio pieces, filling out Grad school applications, and attempting to memorize mathematical rules for the GRE. Now that the test has been taken and my applications are turned in I am going to again turn back some of my attention to health.

This go around I am going to spend more time on strength training in addition to cardio. As a 23 year old, now is the time to do the work that will pay off in 20, 30 years for a healthier future. As someone who intends to continue to perform, I need to strengthen my core and build up my stamina. Also, living in the PNW, I know that my energy is always better and my happiness higher when I have been working out.

Together with friends, family and readers, I will work on making the present the most fit time of my life.


I would also like to record here that no longer the outcome, I am so proud of myself for actually completing the portfolio pieces and graduate program applications that I told myself I would. Along the way I thought for a while that I would never complete the applications, that I would flounder, and then get stuck in a cycle of lost dreams. This is one of my biggest fears, that I will become one of those people who spends more time talking about “what I could have done” than working on what I want to do.

Completing these applications was an affirmation that I can and will accomplish what I set out to do.

Pursue your dreams, because I’m chasing haphazardly after mine!


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